Sunday, August 15, 2010

Volturi Clock Tower

Project 2 for my Shadow box and I really picked something Difficult.  Bella's room was a breeze compared to this.  I did 4 different projects trashed several.  I am still laking a clock.  I would rather do something perfect that something just to finish so at this time I am leaving off the clock.  The size of the clock would be as small as a hole punch so as you can image.  Making a clock that small is rather difficult.  In the photo the flash bounced off of the dried glue and made it look kinda shiny but it isn't. It is not an exact duplicate.  I changed it up. All of the red flags were hard to make at that size and when I added them the Tower looked to busy. 

The fountain was quilled.  I have a large loose circle on the bottom layer.  I smaller hollow circle on the top layer and then I cut a small blue circle and laid inside the fountain so when I filled it with Crystal Lacquer it looked like water.  The center of the fountain is tiny tight rolls of paper and the top is a half unrolled quilled circle. 

I formed the clock tower in 6 steps.

  1. Step one cut the rectangle and then glue like strips of paper on the diagonal to give the section some texture. I cut a small black oval shape for the door and small rectangles for the windows. For the arch I glued 4 sheets of like paper together. One on top of the other. Then I used some of the same strips of paper to give the arch some texture.
  2. Cut rectangle. Half of this rectangle will be hidden behind #1 and #2. Cut 8 windows from black cardstock, let dry and attach.
  3. In this step I used 3 strips just to give some detail to this large layer. I also cut out small squares at the top of the triangle. I also cut some small squares and added some detail on the tower. This section has 4 small windows.
  4. I used the same method on section 4 as I did in section one. I added some square stonework at the top of the section for detail.
  5. Section 5 has a small oval window and some stone squares to top off the section. I put section 5 behind section 4 hiding some of the make the window longer than you need.
  6. Just a s square with some top detailing. 2 square points sticking out from the top to finish it off.

    The red flags in the window are Small Quilled S scrolls.   The red arrows on the pattern indicate sections that are moved back behind the section below.  I also designed stairs.  I glued several sheets of paper together and then tucked them between a folded sheet of cardstock.  This made smooth edges, and a stable foundation for the tower.  I finished the tower with a coat of Crystal lacquer to preserve the project.  I glued the section with Elmer's glue and strips of cards stock in the back to provide stability. 

Just for a laugh here is one of my failed attempts

 2 down and 11 to go I am working on the tent scene next.  What other Twilight scenes would you like to see in this box.  Help me out. I am having a hard time deciding.  I need to go see Eclipse again for some more inspiration.

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