Thursday, March 31, 2011

Camera Strap

I recently Purchased a Camera Strap and I love it.  I wanted to tell you about it because how often am I ever going to say that I VAMPED out my Camera.

Hey Yall' I Vamped out my camera (in my Texas accent)

Erin is with The Pretty Chicky Boutique She is having a sale on her camera straps.  Only $12 Check it out.  Let her know if you want a Vamped on like mine... You can follow her on Facebook as well.  She designs metal stamped Jewelry as well and she is having a sale.  She says she has a Vamp one coming that I will love.  I will post it later.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Upcycled Junk Mail to Book Marks

I get lots of junk mail.  A few years ago I came across a craft of making book marks from envelopes.  I thought it would be an awesome to sit with my kids today and get some Craftin done.  So with just scraps we made bookmarks from junk mail.  I love making crafts from things I just have laying around the house.  I could really have made more elaborate designs, but I wanted just to use my scraps.  I love my books.   I have seen these corner book marks made in a really bulky, and I don't want to damage my books.  I personally would never put bulky book mark in my book.

You will need the following for this craft:
*Junk Mail Envelope with clean corner
*glue stick
*Scrapbook Paper.

How To:
Take an envelope and cut off the corner.  I didn't measure it.  but you could if you wanted to.
Just have fun adding your paper and embellishments on your envelope.  Remember don't make it so bulky.

I thought it would be a wonderful idea to make an Monogram bookmark.  I used a bubble letter I had....

I made a matching card for this then just put the bookmark on the corner of the card.  So it is an all in one gift.  Or a great way to add something extra to your handmade cards.

This is a a simple banner.  To find out how I made the heart embellishment click here.

I would love to see your project if you complete this project.  I kept my simple but that is my style.

Here is a New MOON Flower Book mark I love.

Here is another one I like.  These are cute little critters Made by I Could Make That. She has a step by step tutorial on how to make these that is awesome.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Want a FREE blog Make over.

You heard me. I have told you before that my day job is as a graphic designer.  I design logos, blogs, and Etsy Shop Graphics.  It is so much fun.  I finally joined the world of Facebook and if you LIKE me on Facebook I would love to give you a FREE blog make over (wordpress or blogger).  CLICK here for more INFO
I am trying to get 75 fans before March 31, 2010.

Disclaimer.  This Free makeover is for a static HTML file, and includes installation.  If you have any questions you can always refer to my blog.  In my on facebook you will find my portfolio.

Lots of luck.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Refurbishing a Dresser

Is it just me and my area.  Or are all of the second hand stores out there charging way to much for old used furniture.  I could understand if it was vintage.....but the model 3 years ago from the room store??? I have been looking for a sturdy old bed for my little girl, and I couldn't find a second hand bed that I could paint for less than what I could by one for new.  So I went to IKEA...The full size bed was only $89.  VERY easy to put together and EXTREMELY sturdy.  So I highly recommended.  They didn't pay me a dime to say so...

At a Garage Sale I purchased a dresser and 2 end tables for $60.  It was a great deal but they were in rough shape and needed LOTS of love.

You will need:
Sandpaper or Sanding tool.
Paint of your choice
Sealer for your choice.
paint roller (I got the one for cabinets and it worked great)
small paint brush
wide paint brush for sealer...
(Paint supplies were expensive.  about $60)

First thing I did was remove the BRASS handles.  I then sanded the entire dresser.  I personally started with sand paper....then my husband interrupted with this tool that sands and it took about 5-10 minutes to sand the dress that would have taken me an hour or 2 by hand. (thank goodness)  The dress is wood and my grandfather is going to roll around in his grave when he finds out I painted a wood dresser white.  Hopefully he will realize that in the future my daughter can sand and restore this dresser herself.  It is an item that will last a long time.
The dresser had this black lacquer coating and it would have taken forever to remove it all, even with the greatest tools.

I then began to paint.  It took about 5 coats.  My paint had a primer but white on black wasn't so easy.

Here is what it looked like between 1st and 2nd coat.  I allowed about an hour between each coat It wasn't a problem because by the time I finished painting the dresser & all of the drawers.  My other work was dry.

Here it is finished.  5 coats of white...and I spray painted the handles with a brushed silver spray paint....
I will post photos when I have completed the entire room.  I also did a side table as well....but the process was the same...  I hope you enjoy.  I would love to see your before and after projects.

Spring Break 2011

Today is the last day of spring break and I have to say it was a complete BUST.  I had the greatest intentions but life got in the way.  I had 2 major crafts I wanted to do for the blog.  I had them all gathered in large zip-lock bags all I had to do was sit down and complete them, but didn't get it done.  

Sorry Guys.  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You might be an obsessed Vampire Fan IF....

You might be an obsessed Vampire Fan If your toddler gets into your crafting closet.....finds a pair of plastic fangs and runs around the house saying she is Victoria and she is coming after you.

I had to share.  I want to hear your stories, share your photos....

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bella's T-Shirt Quilt....Now I want my own.

The T-Shirt Quilt Rene gave to Bella in Eclipse was so nice.  What a great memory to pass on to your daughter.
My son will be going to college in a few years and I have been hanging on to all of his shirts for the day when I can put them together in a quilt for him.  I really wanted to make the quilt myself, but I worry because if I mess up I can't replace those shirts and I want it to be machine quilted.  PLUS I would cry during the entire process.  So to save me the tears and frustration.... I am getting Fabric Artist 21 to make my quilt for me.
You can find her on Etsy Also here is her blog with all of her quilts.  I have been shopping around here price is REALLY good.

I don't have any special shirts I would want to make a quilt from.  I mainly steal shirts from my husbands closet...

Here are some of my Favs.

Did you know that the prop quilt took over 400 hours to make.  The reason is because each shirt was made by the prop master aged and then they assembled the quilt.  If you purchase the extended addition dvd you can read more about it.  I don't want to plagiarize.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Awesome Tree Pendants

Did you know I had a day job.  I have my own etsy store Vampire Craftin .  I sell my Graphic design Creations.  Most of my customers want me to design Blogs and Etsy Shop Sets.   Most of the time I am stuck designing pink poka dot cupcake banners, or grandma knitting shops (no offence to my pink poka dot loving grandmas).   I get kinda frustrated because folks don't really want to BRAND their business with a logo.  They want to do a cookie cutter design that everyone else is doing.  Occasionally, I get the chance to meet really neat artists.  I am honored with their amazing talent they let me design their business logos.  I designed this shop for The Tessy Tree and she said...."Check out my art, and make something to set me apart."  Below is what I came up with.  She designs fantastic works of art you can wear.

Stef at The Tessy Tree.

You seriously have to check out her art.  Better yet Visit Freckle Lips Stef at The Tessy Tree is giving away one of her awesome ONE OF A KIND necklaces.  Check the Freckle Lips blog for more information....The necklace is perfect for a Vampire a Fan.
If you make a purchase please let her know I referred you.  Maybe she will sponsor a Vampire Craftin giveaway one day!  April or May I should have my 100th post.... I love this necklace how cool if I can win...How cool if one of my followers could win.  You should enter...Let me know if you win?  You know I will tell you if I do.....
 I love all of her designs, but I picked 2 my fellow vamp fans can sink their teeth into.  .
She creates these tree pendants that are Awesome.  Can you believe under $30... YOU HAVE TO CHECK THEM OUT.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vampire Stalkers.

I just received a huge shout out from one of my favorite websites.  Check it out.  

Vampire Stalkers is mother daughter team who are as crazy about the Vampire Diaries as I am.  They also offer tours of Mystic Falls, where Vampire Diaries is filmed.(I seriously have this trip on my wish list)  I love this site, and you should check them out.  In honor of this new partnership with Vampire Stalkers.  I am giving away a free my first FREE Gift.  (When I say free, I mean I am paying for shipping as well.  I don't care where you live)

Comment to this post below for a chance to win this hand made Vampire Diaries altered frame.  
I will have a drawing on March 31st at noon.  I will notify the winner via email.  You don't have to be a Vampire Craftin member to win....but you should stick around I always have tons of ideas yet to come.
Here is how I made this frame.