Friday, May 24, 2013

Banana Puddin Cake

It is hard to imagine but my baby just turned one.  I wanted to make him a cake myself.  It isn't gluetin free, and it isn't healthy and is full of all the stuff that is not trendy to eat............
.but it was GOOD.

I love those beautiful cakes.  BUT They usually taste like crap...I would rather something be not so pretty but just great to eat...This is not my recipe it has been out for quite sometime. And there are hundreds of recipes out there.  

Banana Puddin POKE cake.
1.  French Vanilla Cake MIX...(must use this flavor)
2.  Banana Cream Pudding Mix
3.  Whipped Cream
4.  Nilla Wafers
5.  REAL banana's

DON'T use the off brand.  Normally it isn't a big deal...but I think name brand is best for baking 

1.  Bake your cake, follow the instructions on the back of the box...Allow the cake to cool.
2.  Mix the pudding, follow the package instructions.  Later...when the cake is cool...
3.  Poke holes in the cake with the back of a wooden spoon or something of similar size.  Don't poke the holes all the way down just a quarter of the way in the cake...
4.  Now top the cake inside the pan with pudding...Use a small spoon to get the pudding in the holes...

5.  Now top with the whipped cream

Look how pretty it is from the side.... is great with fresh bananas and nilla wafers.

This works for cupcakes as well...My little one ate it all gone...