Friday, July 30, 2010

CupCake Wrappers

I did a quick design on some cupcake wrapers.  I didn't want to purchase anything so I just used what was on hand.  I think wrapping cupcakes is such a good idea.  I love the simplicty of just useing pretty paper, but you can really go crazy with the idea.  My template is a PNG and you would be able to make a digital layout of your cupcake wrapper.  I ask that if you post it on your blog and website you give credit to my website please.  I was able to test it in LOTS of programs worked like a charm.

To add the red scalp edge I just used some paper scisors cut on the ark of the cupcake wrap template.

The thought of useing glue around food....a litttle yuck thought.  I used glue dots.  But you can also use brads or eyelets to hold the wraper shut.

I would love to see your cupcake wrappers.  Email them to me at vampirecraftin at gmail. or post a link back to your blog in the comments.  Happy Craftin.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Misadventures in Black Cupcakes

I was at the store the other day and on the spice isle I saw BLACK food coloring.  My birthday is coming up and I thought it would be fun to make some black cupcakes.  Also I love to cook with my kids.  So I purchased a CUPCAKE MIX in Vanilla, and a Dark Chocolate mix.  I figured I had so much  mix....I could experiment.  I added the black coloring to the Dark Chocolate cake mix it didn't really change it at all. 

I really loved the results of the Dark Chocolate cupcakes flavor and all.  No food coloring needed.

For the white (french Vanilla) cupcake mix instead of adding water, I substituted Beet juice.  YES Beet Juice.  One can of beets does the trick.  My grandmother did it when I was a kid and I thought It would be neat.  It turned the batter pink, Like pepto... yucky pink.  My daughter thought it was neat so I made her 4 pink cupcakes and she LOVED THEM....After I made 4 for my daughter I added a few drops of black die the cupcakes turned Black, Black, Black.

I took 4 table spoons of cream cheese and added black food coloring.  It was freaky.  It was so cool until we decided to eat them.  The icing stained our mouth, teeth and tongues. Dark CK frosting is the best bet if you want Black or dark icing.   

As you can see from the photos it stained my hands.  I was careful and it barely touched my hands.  It will not wash off even with my husband's (car hand greese soap). 

BLACK FOOD coloring is banned in our home. It is not really needed even if used carefully.  I am sure it has it's uses with fondant.  Next time I want to make vampire cupcakes, I will stick to dark chocolate, and red velvet.   

The Beets were a huge sucess

Monday, July 26, 2010

Shadow Box Project: Bella's Room

I was given a Shadow Box last month and I have completed my 1st project.  One down and 11 to go. My goal for this box was to recreate Bella's room.  It would have been EASY for me just to print out scenes from the movie and be done, but that is not my style. 

I don't claim to have duplicated the room exactly.  I had a blast doing it and I am happy with my results.  I quilled all of the furniture, and used a color copier for the artwork and bedding.   I am not sure where you would get the shadow box, and if you need any help just drop me an email.  My blog name at gmail not spaces.  I would love to see your projects.  Please email me a photo....or post a link to your blog below so I can check it out. 

My 1st step was to look at photos of Bella's room online and re watch the movies. (any excuse to watch again) To see what I would like to incorporate in my room.  I found this website helpful in this research:

My 2nd step was to paint the walls.  I used an acrylic paint.  I used white with 2 drops of green and one blue.  Mixed well until I was happy with the color.  I painted the floor brown.  All of my brush strokes make the floor look like wood flooring with out me even trying.  I allowed this to dry overnight and got started on my furniture. 

Bella's BED.  Materials
3 loose brown coils
1 loose brown coil smaller than the 3 above.
8 small brown tight coils
White Elmer's Glue
Here is a site to learn to quill it is really easy...

Using 2 of the loose brown coils make a square.  Glue the 2 squares on top of each other to form a mattress set.  Allow to dry

Form the last loose brown coil into a Half moon or Gumdrop shape.  Glue the headboard on. 
Repeat this process for the foot board. 

Using the tight curls form decorative shapes for the head board.  Allow to dry

I printed off a pattern of Bella's bedding....and formed it over the bed and glued it down.  to make the pillow I just folded the same pattern up and sealed everything with crystal lacquer. 

Bella's Mirror was the only thing I had a hard time with.  I used sead beads and Just glued them decortively and used foil to make it look like a mirror.  The base of the mirror is a a quilled oblong oval.  That is what I glued the beads to. 

Bella's Side Table.  This is very very small....On Bella's original table she had a lamp, a painted photo of a dog, and a tissue box...  The white bead represents the tissue box and the lamp was made with quilling.  The legs of the table is just a strip of quilling paper cut down.....and the table top is a square.
Bella's Dresser.  To make the dresser I just pilled 4 squares on top of each other.  It makes it look like you can pull the drawers out.  The knobs of the drawers are clear sead beads.  The lamp was quilled.  In photos I saw a mirror, candles, and lamp on her dresser.  It was hard to do this small.  In the finished product you will see I added a photo of Bella and Edward.  The legs of the dresser are tight circles.  the dresser is sitting on a nickle just to give you an idea of how small it is. 

Bella's Desk.  Oops my glue didn't dry before I snapped a photo....The glue doesn't at all show on the original.  NOW all you Twihards.  Don't give me grief....I didn't get all the stuff on the desk...It was just tooo small.  Again quilled the desk...Top of the desk is a rectangle.  I made a cactus using a tight coil and glued green glass sead beads to make the cactus.  the computer is just a piece of black paper folded in half.  The screen is a Black and white photo of Romeo and Juliet form the movie...(it is hard to tell).  I used a white pencil to draw lines to look like a keyboard.  I stacked 2 white sead beads on top of each other to form a lamp.  I also made a chair.  It is not is super small.....

Bulletin Board.  To make the bulletin board I used a piece of scrapbooking paper that looked like cork.  I then used double sided tape to attach it to the wall.  I printed a Muse poster, a photo of Bella and Edward, a photo of Bella's truck, Paramore poster and the cover of Withering Heights...When you print things this small it is really hard to see it....I had to trash lots of tries for that reason.  I can always add more later. 

Finding the art for Bella's walls was really hard.  On this nickle you will find a lion needle point, Japanese tissue art, a photo of a magnolia....All found above Bella's bed.  once I printed them out...I added crystal lacquer to seal and protect them.  the oval is a wolf photo of wolfs howling at the moon.  For the orange paper laten I used a orange glass bead attached to a twisted piece of tissue paper.  The twisted tissue is also how I made the lights that drape around Bella's room.  I used glass sead beads to look like lights.  I was hoping to find some dragonfly beads or charms but I couldn't find any small enough.  I chained a purple embroidery floss and made a scarf I hung form Bella's cork board.
The window was super easy I felt like I cheated.  I just printed out a window...and used crystal lacquer to seal it.   I made the curtains from white tissue paper.  I used blue water color and painted the white tissue.  I couldn't figure how to make the bamboo rings.  After everything was done I used crystal Lacquer and sealed everything. 
I enjoyed this project and I have 11 more boxes to fill.....I am still working out the details and trying to figure out how to do it....but I want to create the Volturi clock tower, Tent Scene from the outside....and Jacobs garage.  I am not sure if I want to quill everything or not.....any help or suggestions are welcome.  Again I don't want to just PRINT out things and glue.....I want to get crafty and challenge myself. 

see my volturi clock tower


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2 Liter Bottle Gift Tag

Handmade cards are just the perfect way to show you care and that you are thinking of that special someone on thier Birthday or Special Occasion.

I have a teenager, and he wants gift cards for his birthdays.  So I think this is the perfect vessel for a gift card. 

Materials Needed:
Adhesive of your choice
12x12 cardstock cut down to 5x12
8 1/2 x 11 cardstock cut to template
Decorative paper
Emblishments of your choice

I would love to see your projects.  Email them to me or post a link in your comments.

1. Cut down your 12x12 to a 5x12 You will have two tags for decorations. 

2. Cut down your 8 1/2 x 11 with the template and fold and score on the lines and affix with adhieve.  (depending on your adhesive chocie you can use paper clips to hold your seams)
3.  Decorate as you wish.........

Of Course I vamped it up.

Just right click template to save to your desktop and print it to fit to the page. 

Vampire Gift Ideas

 Here are the rest of my 2 liter bottle gifts.

The apple tag would be great for a book store gift card. 

The vampire tage would be neat for a pack of peanuts.  and Baseball tickets.  I think it would be a great gift for a guy to give to a girl for date night.

I would love to see your projects. Email them to me or post a link in your comments.


Team Edward Gift

I used Black paper, the striped and demask paper was purchased at hobby lobby. 

Are you Team Edward?  Lets see who can get more fans.  Comment on the Tag Below

I would love to see your projects. Email them to me or post a link in your comments.


Team Jacob Gift

Here is My Team Jacob 2 liter Bottle Tag.  In the pocket you could put a candy bar (you can make your own wrapper to match), Popcorn and a ticket to your local movie theater to see Eclipse.

Are you Team Jacob?  If so post a comment below.  Which team can get the most comments. 

I would love to see your projects. Email them to me or post a link in your comments.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Twilight Shoe

While web surfing I came across this cute pattern for a paper shoe and decided to VAMP it up.  Here is the site you will find the pattern.    I made alterations to the pattern.  I added a ankle strap and shortened the toe.  You could really do anything with this pattern.  It would make a wonderful gift.  When I think Shoes and vampires a few names come to mind.  Pam from True Blood, Rosalie from Twilight, Buffy & Cordeilla from BTVS.  I will try as time goes along to make a shoe for each character or show that inspires me.  On the website it demonstrates putting candy in the shoe and giving it as a gift. 


Twilight Shadow Box Project

I was given a wonderful treat.  A white Shadow box to just craft away.  I have decided to do a Twilight Saga Scene Box.  It would be so easy to just print out the scenes and paste them in the box.  However; I wanted to challange myself a bit.  There are 12 boxes.  I am defantly going to recreate Bella's room.  I have already begun with painting the walls and floors.  I also want to recreate Jacob's garage.  The Voltori Clock Tower, and the Tent Scene.  I need some ideas for more scenes. I want to save 3 boxes to see what will appear in Breaking Dawn.  Please comment and help me with some ideas.  I will post my progress as I complete each project. 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Twilight Card

This is a simple and Easy Twilight card I made with the Apple Emblishement post from July 10th.  Recycled Paper Craft.    The card Measures 5x5 when folded.  (cut a 12x12 down to 10x5 and fold in half) I used black textured cardstock and the decortive paper is from The Paper Studio and purchased from Hobby Lobby.  The fiber on the end it just white and black yarn woven together.  The tag says "Men are Better In Books." 
I am giving this card away for free.....Everyone who joins or FOLLOWS my blog in July will be entered to win this card. 

Water Bottle Tag, Vampire Party Favor

I went to a crop and I got this really cute water bottle tag that held a package of Crystal Light. I thought it was an awesome idea. Of course I needed to VAMP it up.

Materials you need:
Card stock 2inch x 8 1/2 inches
Decorative paper 1 7/8ths X 3
Eyelets 2
Embellishment for the front
Glue or adhesive of some kind
And a round hold punch would be nice. 1 3/8

I started by cutting a plain piece of Black card stock down to 2 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches long.
I then cut a sheet of decorative paper down to 1 7/8ths wide x 2.5 inches long
I folded the black paper 2 inches down from the top and used the area below my fold mark to line up the decorative paper and glue it down.
Now fold the bottom flap up 2 inches.
Using eyelets attached the bottom flap up so that it can hold your drink mix. Then embellish the flaps as you wish.
Use the hole punch to cut out the circle for the top

This is awesome for a Vampire Watching party for Twilight, True Blood, or vampire Diaries. It is also a nice get well gift if someone is not feeling well.  It also works for a birthday, baby shower, wedding and thank you.  It Sucks to be Sick . This would be cool for Fangs. Use Red Raspberry crystal light to look like blood.

I have attached a sketch.

I would love to see what you do. Send me your photos or links to your blog if you do this project.

Twilight Scrapbook Page

Here is my Twilight Scrapbook page.  It would have been really easy for me just to copy and paste photos of the stars on the page.  HOWEVER, for me Twilight is not about the movies as much as the love for the books.  I plan on taking a photo of me reading my book.  And putting it on the page.  Or a photo of me with my hands on the book....Not quite sure.  I journaled on the side and it talks about what I loved about the books. 

Here is what I used for the page:
The back ground paper is Me and My Big Ideas
The apple paper I found a JoAnn's
The fiber around the photo frame is Black and white Fuzzy yarn wraped around one another.
I used some scrap vellum to cover the apples at the bottom becasue it made the page to busy.
The apple was made with the method decribed on July 10th post.  Recycled paper Craft.
The large poka dot boarder was some left over ribbon used for making a bow for my little girl
on the bottom left is a bible quote from Gen 2:17

Here is a sketch of the layout.  Feel free to use it on your blog or for your personal use.  If you use it for your layout please let me know and send me a photo.  I would love to see it!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Recycled Paper Craft

In my last post I showed you how to make a NO Sew Kindle cover.  The pages I tore out of the book needed to be used and recycled.  I thought it was really neat because the book was in French. 

I wanted to make some emblishments for my scrapbook, card making and other paper crafts. 

For this craft you will need:
Old paper with writing or pages from a book
Crystal Lacquer

1.  Watercolor your pages, and allow them to dry
2.  Trace and cut out your desired item. 
3.  Add some chalking detail.
4.  Cover with Crystal Lacquer to make the image look unique, also some old books and magazine or newspapers are not acid free so this is a great way to preserve the item you have made. 

This project is EASY.  Just time consuming.  It takes awhile for everything to dry.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NO SEW Kindle Cover

I am so excited.  I received a Kindle for my birthday.  I was so skeptical at first.  I am one of those folks who loves the smell of old book.  That being said I love my Kindle.  All it needs is a cover.  The possibility's are really endless.  I thought it would be neat to use a Tshirt transfer and really spice up your cover.  Just choose a cover that matches your personality and just embellish it as you wish.  I like to keep things simple.  I will make some different covers for a later time.  This pattern can be used for a ipad, nook, kobo or any other similar device.  I would love to see your covers.  If you use my pattern please email it to me at vampirecraftin at gmail. or post a link to your blog on your comments. Happy Craftin

Materials you will need:

*Old fabric type hardcover book.

*Iron on Velcro.

*1/2 yard of the fabric of your choice

*Heat bond ULTRA HOLD, Fabric glue


I started with a old fabric book I found at my local goodwill. The price is $3 for 10 books. So I have plenty of different books to test this pattern out on later.  You must chose a fabric book.  It it the only way the Heat Bond will stick to the fabric. 

I then used a box cutter to cut out the pages of the book. This was the hardest part of the entire process. I was trying to leave most of the spine.

I then cut down a sheet of HEATBOND to the size of the book and heated the HB with an iron to adhere HB to the book. See the HB instructions for more info.  I hope that made sense. 

Ignore my ugly ironing board.  I use alot of HB and it can get messy so I have a Craftin cover and an Ironing cover, but lets face it....I don't do much "ironing"  LOL

Wrap the fabric around the book. So there will be no seams on the outside of the book. 
I folded over the edge of the fabric, and used and iron and heat bond to seal the seam.

I then folded one of edges inside and used a strip of HB to seal the seams. It is important to get the seam perfectly sealed.  This seems easy but you need to fold the fabric to create a seam and then Tuck the fabric in to create another seam.  SO THERE are 4 seams in this step. 

You can use fabric glue if you have it, but it can be done with HB. If you use fabric glue allow it to dry

Here is what it looks like laying flat. As you notice the right seam is not finished. The top photo is how it looks folded over. I then closed the right seam about 31/2 inches from the book seam

My seams are now fixed. Using a ruler I measured to the middle to make sure the Velcro was centered. I added fabric glue to the Velcro and made sure it would stick. But it is not necessary.  The iron on Velcro sticks really well on its own.  There are so many options for closures.  I used what I had on hand.  I thought it would be cool to glue a flower on the fold over so that the cover looks like a clasp purse.

Now I needed a mat for the Kindle I am going to attach some elastic strips to hold it in place. I started with a fabric square with a .5 inch seam to fold over. I used HB to seal the seams all the way around. I then took the square of HB and attached it to the completed square.

I folded plain white elastic under the square and ironed it down. I used some fabric glue as well to ensure a very there would be no way this elastic would move. I allowed it to dry and then tugged on it several times and it held no problem. ALLOW EVERYTHING TO DRY IF YOU USE Fabric glue.

The most important thing to remember about this pattern is....SEAMS  get those seems down with heat bond.  It was pretty easy took me a little over 45 minutes and that included some planning and photographing my steps. 

The book was an old encyclopedia of lizards and bugs I plan on using the pages in future projects.  I love to craft creepy crawling things.  And just the words can be neat as a background.  Just a thought when you are selecting your book.
Here it is all done.  Now I can get started reading The Host which I purchased the other day on Amazon.  I loved Twilight so much I wanted to see what journey Stephanie could take me on NOW.