Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vampire Inspired Baby Room

You know you might be a Die Hard Vampire fan if you decorate your baby's room in a Vampire theme.

I am not making fun of you.  I am standing up beside you saying..."If I was decorating a baby room, this is what I would do."  (Which thank goodness I am not.)  It is darling without being tooo cutsy.  If you feel you need a little fofo....wouldn't some lady bugs look nice.  This is a room you will enjoy being in at 2 am and again at 6am.  This is a wonderful room a baby could grow into.  What do you think?  Are you having a little Renesmee, Elena, Sookie, Buffy or Bella?
See amazon links below to see where you can get this bedding.  It is called Twilight Garden.

Here are some other Vampire Themed baby rooms I liked.
Red, Black and White Personalized Baby Bedding. Click here

Red, Black and White personalized baby room.  Click here

Handmade by an etsy Shop owner NanaJanJoy.

Red Poppy Baby girl Crib set

If you are having a boy you can always decorate in a chess theme. I looked for some that folks had already done with no luck.  My idea:  Find some vinyle chess peices for the wall here are some below.  Have one of the talented women on ETSY design a quilt and bedding set for you.  I think a Forks forest or wolf theme would be cute as well.  
Here is a wolf design.



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  1. Way cool.. It ALMOST makes me want to have another baby...ahhh..maybe not.. LOL.. My teenager would LOVE this!!