Sunday, October 31, 2010


I went on a hunt today to find the coolest Jack O Lanterns to show to you.  So Happy Halloween.  Click on the photo and it will navigate you to the original blog site.

The cross stitch pumpkin was done on Elsie Marley Blog.  I know Halloween is this weekend...but those pumpkins will be on clearance after this weekend and you can get them for really cheap...make your project and put it up for next year.  

I want to see your pumpkins.  Post a link in a comment or to Vampire Craftin Flicker Group.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fang Handmade Card

I love to make cards, but I don't do it quite as much as I need to.

I made this fang card just for you!!!!  This emlishment can be used on anything.  Attach them to a shirt...socks...Napkin rings whatever you want.  It is sooo quick and easy don't let this craft scare can do it...

I have all of the seed beads I have been given and it seems such a shame to let the just go to waste.  This is an awesome card for any occasion.  Here are some Ideas for inside messages:
It Sucks being sick,  Get well Soon.
It Sucks to move,  Here is something to get your blood pumping
Have a Fangtasic Birthday.
Have a Fangtasic Halloween....Insert holiday or ocassion here.
When someone asks you how old you are....tell them you have been 17 for AWILE
Men are better in books.   Attach your fav book or a book store or Amazon Gift card.
Use a line from you fav. movie.

The Materials you will need is
*Red stock Size of the card is 4.25 x 5...This card stock was textured
*Paper to match...I used scraps 
*white seed beads 
*Scrap black card stock.

Most of the items I used were things I already had.  

It is really easy to make this.  You will need a small scrap of card stock on this one I used White...
-Thread a Needle (Thin needle that a seed bead will fit on) with thread.  I used a thick thread.
-Tie a knot in the end of your thread.  Push your needle through the bottom of the card....and pull threw until the knot in back stops.  
-I put 10 White beads on the needle and pulled them down the needle to the card.  Tighten them and then poke the needle back at then end of the card.  You should have a line of white.  
-Next line working down blow....put 10 white beads.  
-Next line 2 white beads. on the end...
-Next line 1 white bead on the end.....tie a Knot in the end....tight so the bead isn't loose..

Repeat on the other side.  

Seed Beads are not always the same exact size.  Use your common sense to decide how many beads go on each line...
Here is another seed bead card I made...More to come...

If you make this craft Please post on our Vampire Craftin Flicker group  or as a link to your blog in the comment section.  I know lots of you out there are coming to my site....I check my stats and I am amazed how many visitiors I have in a day.....

Follow my blog....Nov & Dec posts are ideas for Christmas gifts....


Handmade Halloween Candy Corn Card

*Handmade Halloween Candy Corn Card...That is a mouth full.

I have tons of Sead beads.  Ones I have purchased and some that were given to me.  I have found a fun and easy way to add them to my crafts.  On this card I added a Beaded Candy Corn.  

The Materials you will need is
*Blackcard stock Size of the card is 4.25 x 5
*Paper ( I use cardstock)  
*seed beads 
*Scrap white card stock. 

It is really easy to make this.  You will need a small scrap of card stock on this one I used White...
-Thread a Needle (Thin needle that a seed bead will fit on) with thread.  I used a thick thread.
-Tie a knot in the end of your thread.  Push your needle through the bottom of the card....and pull threw until the knot in back stops.  
-I put 10 orange beads on the needle and pulled them down the needle to the card.  Tighten them and then poke the needle back at then end of the card.  You should have a line of orange.  
-Next line 9 orange beads.
-Next line 8 orange beads. 
-Next line 5 yellow beads
-Next line 4 yellow beads.
-Next line 3 yellow beads.
-Next line 2 White beads.
-Next line 1 white bead.  When you are done tie a tight knot in the back.

Seed Beads are not always the same exact size.  Use your common sense to decide how many beads go on each line...
Here are some photos to help.

I want to see your finished products if you use this pattern.  If you want more patterns join my blog many more one of a kind designs coming.  If you can't wait look for safety pin crafts....They have some neat designs.  Post your photos in the Vampire Craftin Flicker group.  Or post a link to your project on your blog in the comments below.  Happy Craftin!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Twilight Skirt

For Halloween this year I wanted to make my daughter a poodle skirt.  Then I had the idea....Wouldn't it be neat to do a twilight skirt....In a poodle skirt way.

You will need felt  I choose to use this black sparky felt.  If you are making this for a kid size 7 or below...1 yard is great.....for an adult size....get 2 yards.....Does it dazzle you????

You need a wide black waist band.  I used a 3 inch waist band...The person I made this for wore a a size 12.  If you are any larger and you could find it....It wouldn't hurt to find a wide band....Like a 5 inch.....But it is not necessary.

You will also need matching thread
Red Ribbon 1inch wide is what I used.... and white felt for the chess piece.  If you wanted to do the apple and flower you could do that as well.    

To get stated lay the felt out as a square...The sparkly side of the felt is facing down on the floor...Fold the top left corner down to the bottom right corner...


I then took my length measurements and used a tied a piece of  FABRIC CHALK and the other side to the center line....and made a circle with the string.  I added the painters tape as a guide line and so you can see my center point....

I then cut out my skirt...

I then foled the skirt in half and cut the waist out of the top....point....about 1-3 inches you can have those waves....No more than 3inches more than your waist size....If you are a large woman....make your length your skirt will have more of a V shaped waist...

You will now need to sew your waist band together.  I sewed it twice.  I had black thread but I did it with white so you can see....I later used a black sharpie to fill it in and it wasn't noticeable.

this last photo is just to give you a visual before I cut the top of the skirt...

I then pinned and attached the waist band to the skirt.....I WISH I would have attached the red ribbon in this stage.....but I didn't soo if you would like to it would be a great idea...

I then attached the Ribbon....when I unrolled the ribbon from the spool I loved the natural look of it....I couldn't have planned it any better so I just kinda of placed it along the skirt...however it fell....moving it a little up or down...

 I then cut out my chess piece....

I then used the ribbon and placed it around the chess piece....
The chess piece is the poodle.....for the poodle skirt.  

I then pined the ribbon and the chess piece down....The top of the ribbon is tucked in the top left of the waist band and then sewn in.  The bottom of the ribbon is sewn in to the back of the waist band.  I tried to sew the ribbon to the skirt in a test square and I hated it......I decided to use FELT glue and attach the ribbon in the flat places and allow it to curl I could.  I even stitched some of the pieces to make sure they would stay put.  My stitches were not at all noticeable.  I don't have a photo of the finished skirt. (was promised a photo.....I wasn't sure If I would get I am going to post incase someone needs a costume idea)  When someone got wind of what i was doing........Well it was gone really fast....It barely had time for the glue to dry....the young lady said she is wearing an Edward shirt and a lace necklace....and it is her costume...

I was so glad I didn't try to put the embellishments on before sewing....doing that after sewing was AWESOME  I knew where to put things according to how the skirt flowed....

THIS WAS SUPER EASY....TOOK ME ABOUT 2 hours to make...
The felt was about $13 at JoAnns (use a coupon for 40%)
Waist band is $5.99 a yard.
Ribbon was $1.99
Thread I had....
Felt for the chess piece was .20 cents....I had plenty left...

There are lots of ladies on ETSY who sell Poodle skirts for $19.99.  If I were you....and it is the last min....ask the lady to make you a blank black one.....with no poodle...It would be super fast to assemble that way....JUST AN IDEA..

Also...If you like could do a wolf poodle would be super cute....I would do it....IF SOMEONE WANTED ONE.....HINT....... HINT....

If you make this LET ME KNOW.  I have a flicker group for Vampire Craftin and I would love to see your items on it....even if it is not ones I have featured.


Poodle Skirt Instructions

This year for Halloween I decided to make a costume for my daughter.  A poodle skirt seemed to be an easy thing to do.

I found lots of instructions online but of course a dear friend told me a much easier way.  See my other post for a Twilight Poodle Skirt for images...

*You will need Felt.  This skirt is for my 3 year old and 1 yard was enough to make 2 skirts and have some left over.
*You will also need a wide elastic for the waist band....I used a 3 inch black
*items for a poodle.  I made my own, but they sell them already done for really cheap.

1.  I put the elastic around my little girls waist to see what would work best......
2.  I then took string and measured from her waist to the length I wanted.
3.  I then folded the felt....on a  diagonal so I had a triangle.  SOOO I took the top left corner and pulled it    down to the bottom right corner.
4.  I then took a piece of chalk and attached it to the end of the string.....and attached the other end on the center of the FOLD.....I made a circle....To form the skirt
5.  I then trimmed out the skirt....
6.  To make the waist I folded the skirt it was a smaller triangle and cut a small circle....
7.  I used pins to attach the waist ban and sewed it together.  It was super easy.

It was my choice to make my own poodle.  I trimmed the poodle body out of black felt.  I then stitched it down.  I also cut the poodle puffs out of white, and also stitched that down......and I TACKED ribbon down with stitches and attached rhinestones.

As for adding a can can underneath.  I puffs really well on its own....but we have last years costume we have grown out of and it is a puffy dress so if we decided we need it to be puffy.....we will cut the underskirt of that one out and add it to this one.  If you didn't have an old dress available you can always cut one out of a dress from a goodwill or garage sale.  It wouldn't need to be a pretty dress...

I have more detailed pictures on my next post.  I made 2 skirts.  I will post the other in another post.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Unique Personalized Twilight Gift

I have been a Twilight fan for a long time.  And I am always on the look out for the most UNIQUE crafts and ideas.  I think this is one of them.  I am a huge fan of Copyright respectful items.  I get goosebumps............ and the hair on the my arms and the back of my neck stand up when I spot original Twilight Inspired craft.  SO far this is my Favorite and I will be ordering one for myself.  Check out her shop for tons of  unique Twilight gifts.
You can follow her blog here

The artist will personalize an 8.5 x 5.5 print for you.  She has tons of options so you will have to check out her etsy store for all of the details.

And how about a 11X17 Twilight poster.  I love this...

How about a Hand Painted Twilight Rock.  This is so neat.

How about a Digital kit for your Twilight Theme Party.  Eclipse will be out on video soon and you need to be prepared.

So what do you think?  Let me know if you get your personalized name print out.  I want to see!!
Let her know I sent you.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dick and Jane and Vampires

I was reading some blog posts when I came across this.  A fellow blogger found this treasure and it has to go into my collection.  Isn't it cute!  They have them on Amazon.  This would make a great gift for a Vampire Fan.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Haven & Other SyFy shows

The Syfy channel is sometimes a huge joke.
Come On.           Sharkopus Really, but I have to say the TV Series are getting better and better.  I like Eurkea, Warehouse 13, and after 1 full season I love HAVEN.  If it gets cancelled I would be really disappointed.  It is well written and I want to see more.  It is based on a book by Steven King.......NUFF SAID.

Syfy is allowing you to watch the First 5 Episodes online.  Here is to hoping they don't cancel it.  If they don't I promise to make some  "Troubled" crafts.  For Season 2.  No clear word yet.  But it is the best I have seen from Syfy and awhile, and I consider myself a sci-fi nerd.

Let me know what you think about the show.  I also want to see your Haven crafts do you have any?  Post them in a link in comments or on our FLICKER PAGE

Monday, October 4, 2010

Altered Jar Craft

My husband has a sweet tooth.  He loves hard candies the most. (In this Jar RootBeer Hard Candies)  Most of his favorite candies come in a bag and they are not individually wrapped.  His only option is to put them in a zip-lock bag, because a candy dish on his desk isn't going to happen.

So I came up with a solution.  I altered a jar with chalk board paint to make a jar for candy.  I also made one  to store loose tea.

This is what you will need.
*A mason jar with lid, or a Jar that has been sterilized.  (remove the label and any leftover residue)
*Chalkboard paint. (I found a small tube in the acrylic paint section at walmart it was only $1.47)
*blue painters tape
*a sponge brush

Here is how you do it.
1. Clean your jar.
2. Tape off the section where you want the label to go.
3.  Apply the chalkboard paint,  I use one stroke at a time and let it dry.  If you don't just do one stroke at a time with the 2nd stroke you will wipe off the paint. (it annoyed me at 1st)  Repeat this step ever hour.  It took several coats.  This was a counter top project.  Overall it wasn't hard at all....It just took a long time for each layer to dry before I applied another.

I use this for Tea and Candy.  BUT this would make an awesome gift.  You could write your message on the Jar.  ie....Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, Congrats, and I don't think men would mind receiving it.

For Halloween it would be neat for a spooky label....if you can find candy eyeballs make a jar of eyeballs.....label your jars so that they to resemble a Witches potion ingrediants. (eye of newt, mom's poison) Also it is the easiest recycling or repurpose craft EVER.

It is also great for the "gift in a jar" crafts, cookies, soups and more.

The chalkboard is more about decor.  A plain empty jar is boring.  I have chalk but if you can't find one it can be a pain.  I have put this in the dishwasher 3 times and the chalkboard label is still holding strong  It is really fun.  If you make one please post on our Flicker page or post a link to your blog with the project.