Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to make Tulle Flowers

I have seen these cute Tulle Flowers everywhere and I was curious on how to make one.  I looked all over the web.  There are not that many people who want to share.  I found a lots You Tube videos and I just viewed all of them and came up with my own.  

You will need the following materials.
Tulle you can use Satin as well
tea light
Brad or Button for the center.

I used a cup and traced a pattern on a cereal box.  I then cut circles out of some tulle I had purchased for .25 cents in the remnants bin at the craft store a few years ago.  Tulle is about .89 cents per yard.  

Then take all of your circles and gather them up.  I used twizzers and used a fireplace lighter to singe the edges of the tulle.  I wish I had a tea light or candle, but with little ones in the house it is not something I keep around.  When singing your tulle it is perfectly okay to be uneven.  
After I finished singeing the ends of all my circles I stacked them on top of one another and they really just worked.  I saw a video where once the flower was assembled she used a heat gun to gather the flower even more.  I only stacked 10 circles.  I may use more or less depending on how it looks.  

As you know from my previous posts I love to craft with the items I have here in my home.  I don't really like to make purchases if I don't need to.  I think if you were going to make these it would be supper cute to use different colors of tulle.  RED, BLACK, and WHITE.  With a crystal center, or an antique button that has a Gothic look.  I used brads from my scrapbooking supply.  This would look great on a scrapbook page, card, hair pin, or even attached to a gift.  I want to see your projects.  Link them below in a comment.


  1. Thank you for the tutorial!!

  2. Super cute. I would love for you to share at my link party


  3. Please share my link. I would love to see your projects.

  4. This is great.. I'm so on this for a vamp project!! Thanks for the step by step :)

  5. absolutely wonderful. I'm trying this in a couple of days.

  6. Love it! How many circles and how did you gather them?