Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vampire Diaries Altered Frame

This is another Altered Frame project. You can find the instructions on the previous post .http://vampirecraftin.blogspot.com/2010/09/altered-wooden-frame.html
The Vampire Diaries Cross Stitch is also on a separate post.

 Here is what I did for this craft.
I followed the directions on the altered wooden frame post.
I then re arranged the cross stitch to fit in a 2x3 frame.

I have a closet full of Vampire Crafts.  Want this????   Let me know.....We will work something out..? A Trade....supplies...Keep me crafting.....I will remove this when it is gone...

I then took a chipboard V and attached a matching paper to it.  I used a finger nail file to make a clean edge.  I then took and tied a ribbon and attached a cross charm.  I then took and wrapped the ribbon in cling wrap to protect the ribbon as I added crystal lacquer all over the image.  This will make an awesome gift for an utlimate Vampire Diaries fan.  If you make this please post to your flicker group.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ornate Cross Xstich

I love to cross stitch as it is obvious from my previous posts.  When looking for a small easy project to fill my previous wooden frame craft.  i thought it would be a great idea to use a ornate cross.  I made this pattern myself and I'am attaching the patterns.  This is an easy 1st cross stitch project.  If you make it please upload it to my Vampire Craftin flicker group (a place for to display your vampire & Sci-fi crafts) OR email me a photo, or post a link in the comments.

For this craft you will need a 2 x 3.5 square of (14) cross stitch fabric
1 color of DMC floss
(1) cross stitch needle
I added rhinestones to the cross.

Some crafters use a hoop to hole the fabric still.  I personally just tape the edges up with masking or painters tape. And then carefully pull it off when I am finished.   Just right click on the image and save to your desktop.  Again Really want to see your work.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Altered Wooden Frame

Last year after Christmas I picked up 6 frames on the clearance isle.  They were plain frames with a spot for a 2x3 image.  I purchased them for about 50 cents each.  These instructions are great for a FLAT WOOD FRAME.  Altered customized frames are awesome one of kind gifts.  The hardest thing about this project is time for the project to dry. Don't get in a hurry.  Let it dry.  This project is a counter top project for me.  That mean:s I set it on a counter top and worked on it just a little bit at a time.

Materials needed.
Wooden Frame
decorative paper
Paint (optional)
Crystal lacquer or diamond glaze
nail file (I get the cheap ones from the $1 store)
liquid glue (elmers or mode pode)
Embellishments (you can't tell from the photo but I used small rhinestones) Punched flowers buttons work really well

1.  Paint your frame.  I pained the wood on the back and around the frame and allowed to dry. (this is optional)

2.  Glue your paper down to your frame,  allow to dry

3.  Once your glue has dried.  Use a fingernail file in a downward direction ONLY.  and file off any rough edges.
4.  Once all of that has dried you can add accessories to the frame.  I personally added small rhinestones in places of the paper.
5.  Apply a layer of crystal lacquer all over the top of the frame.  It makes your frame look like it is made out of glass.  Allow to dry and add a photo or image to your frame.  I only added this to the front of my frame...but you do what you want.

On the black and cream I didn't paint the back I left it raw but I did finish it with a clear.
I did paint the read and black all the way around.  and the back.

I have a closet full of Vampire Crafts.  Want this????   Let me know.....We will work something out..? A Trade....supplies...Keep me crafting.....

I want to see your altered frames.....post a comment with a link or join Vampire Craftin Flicker group
http://vampirecraftin.blogspot.com/2010/09/ornate-cross-xstich.html here is the cross pattern


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Twilight Lamp

I love IKEA.  I could spend the entire day at IKEA, and they always have good food in the cafateria.

While at IKEA I spotted an item that would make a great TWILIGHT LAMP.  It is just a lamp shade with a forest scene that looks just like the woods around forks.  What is even better is the price.  They have 2 diffrent sizes.  one for $7 and another for $18.  The lamp bases are sold separate, but maybe it would fit a lamp you already have.  STILL a great deal.  You will have to ignore my ugly phone camera shot.  It was in the lamp section of the store, and it was well lit.  Bad if you want to snap a photo.  The photos do not do this justice, it is super nice.    SUPER NICEIf you purchase this lamp be sure to send me a photo or upload to the Vampire Craftin Flicker Group.  I would love to see it.

Wouldn't it be nice If I were paid for this.

$7 Lamp
$18 Lamp

I have lots of completed crafts.  Still waiting on my card reader.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FREE Blogger & Etsy Banner

I have lots of crafts to show you.  I am patiently awaiting a new card reader for my new computer so I can post all of those projects.  Until then I have designed a generic etsy shop banner & avatar, and Blogger Banner.  It breaks my heart to see the sad designs some folks post.  If you need a custom banner(etsy or blogger) please visit my etsy Shop.  http://www.etsy.com/shop/VampireCraftin or email me.  I am willing to trade for crafting supplies.  


Add your own title and graphics.  I will try to make some generic ones to post here and there.

Blogger Banner. Insert the Powerpoint/Publisher or photo editing software and add a font title or clipart....

760x100 Etsy shop background add a graphic and fonts to make it your own...

100x100 avatar These are usually okay to add in etsy....It may crop it a bit...same rules apply as above.

If you use this please let me know....It is a great opportunity to promote your blog or etsy shop.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vampire Party Food

I was checking my blog stats this morning and somehow folks are searching for Vampire Party Food ideas and coming to my blog.   I am constantly updateing this post....some come back for more.

Since I don't have a Vampire Party Food Blog entry thought I would add one.

I would be so excited to be invited to your home for a vampire themed party for Halloween.  Even more excited to attend a watching party.  One thing that would be a bit weird is if you got to CORNEY with the food.  I am not a kid, and really wouldn't want novelty foods.  Consider your guests when selecting your food.  This is a great tip with any theme.  I personally would be a bit disappointed with childish food. I rarely get a night out with adults.  I don't want to eat pigs in a blanket because they look like mummy's, or Dracula. Or cupcakes that look like it has been bitten by fangs.  It is cute, and I would eat it.....BUT

Here are some ideas from a die hard vampire fan.

Red Jelly Cream cheese dip ( take a block of cream cheese and top it with jelly.  I love using a mango chipotle jelly, red pepper jelly, or raspberry chipotle jelly.  Impress your friends.  Make your own jam or jelly.  I then had a bowl of crackers in a blow on the side or I have seen some specialized plates.  Don't use corny cut bat plates.  Use a simple crystal plate.  They sell disposable clear plates.  This is soooo addictive you will find yourself unable to stop eating.  It is also a great way to gather folks to mingle at the appetizer table.  You can also top each cracker individually.  It is a lot of work and you will need alot of storage but it can be done. 

Tapenade I love tapenade!  It is salty, made from olives.  You can find tons of recipes online.  I purchased mine already made in the salad section of my central market store.  I just purchased some last week and it cost me $3.  I was able to cover 1 entire loaf of french bread....so not bad.  I little goes along way.  Cut the thin loafs of french bread on the diagonal and brush with olive oil and lightly toast them.  Then about 30 min before your party top your toast and serve.  Don't let them sit for to long on the bread.  It gets soggy.  Some folks set out the bowl and have folks top their own bread.  I don't like this dish as much on crackers.  It is black and rustic and screams vampire appetizer...

Dried cranberry Salad.  Not only is this a great appetizer but it kind looks sexy.  Put it in a bowl and have folks scoop out their own.  Top with a light dressing of red wine vinegar.  Lots of recipes online.

Bacon Wrapped Poppers.  You can wrap anything in bacon, and it tastes like heaven.  I love bacon wrapped peppers. Here is my recipe http://vampirecraftin.blogspot.com/2010/12/bacon-wrapped-jalapeno-peppers.html

Black Bean Dip.  This is extremely simple recipe that changes up your everyday bean dip.  You can also try a black bean salsa. It is neat served with blue corn tortilla chips

Guacamole or Salsa with blue corn tortilla chips. 

Blue Corn Tortilla chip nachos with Rotel Dip with chorizo sausage.

Strawberry Jelly Meatballs There are tons of recipes online for grape jelly meatballs.  Substitute the grape jelly for strawberry jelly, or any other jelly of your choice.  Raspberry chipotle?  The recipes that cook in a crockpot seem to be the easiest.  Serve with a tooth pick on a platter.   Don't call them eye balls....unless it is for a kids party.  Calling them eyeballs doesn't make them appetizing.  Just let them stand on their own.

Red Velvet Cupcakes, Hot wings (bone in and bone out), Cheese Fondue, Curry Chicken Bites, Fruit Tarts, just to name a few more.  Do you have a great idea email me or post a link to your blog.
Someone sent me this Rachael Ray Recipe.  Steak Bites with Bloody Mary Dipping sauce  

As for a Dessert.  Fresh fruit, chocolate, cheese cake with red swirls (red raspberry cheese cake), Chocolate fondue. 

I make cookie truffles.  They taste great and so simple to make.  Here is my recipe http://vampirecraftin.blogspot.com/2011/02/thin-mint-easy-cookie-truffles.html

Make Vampire Inspired Popsicles.  See my post here.  

If you are having a dinner party you can't go wrong with Italian food, with a red Mariana sauce.  Any stuffed shells, spaghetti, meatballs even a lazana.  You could also do a grilled beef or chicken with creative side items. 

True Blood Party food Ideas.  If you you are having a True Blood I would serve Cajun food.  There are tons of ideas and appetizers on line.  A case or 2 of true blood or a nice red wine to drink.  Louisiana is famous for it's hurricane drink. The red is really neat for a grown up party drink. Sangria is yummy.

Check out this Bloody Mary Soup Shots Recipe   
You could also set up a fake Marlotte's restaurant.  And just grill burgers and serve fries or chips.  I would go for that. 

Here is a crawfish bread I made.

Vampire Diaries Party food Ideas.  I love the show.  One thing I like about the show is it is classy.  If I were doing a Vampire Diaries party I would serve a Cranberry, and spinach salad with red wine vinegar dressing and a really nice Italian main course.  Don't forget the garlic bread.   Vampire Diaries is a vampire show that doesn't go Gothic.  When you see the table setting and more it is always your typical chic stuff....they just happen to have some supernatural stuff that goes along with it.

As for appetizers keep it clean, simple and chic.

If you wanted to keep it casual and fun you cast turn your kitchen into a Mystic Falls Restaurant.  Make a large welcome sign on your door stating welcome to mystic falls restaurant.

Twilight Party Food Ideas.  There are hundreds of websites dedicated to this subject.  If I were having a Twilight dinner party I would serve an apple salad, Mushroom ravioli, and cheese cake for desert...In the books Belae makes Enchilada Casserole for Charlie and their are several websites and blogs that discuss more dishes she prepared in the books. 

I would have an omelet party.  Remember in Breaking dawn when Edward made Bella Omelets.  It was really sweet.  Pre cut all of the ingredients, pre-scramble eggs for omelets and then get together in the kitchen and chat and make omelets (I would make the omelets for my guests)  This would be a neat teen party....I am a grown up and I would love it as well.  Sometimes you need something to get the chatting started.  You can also ask friend to bring some omelets ingredients.??? Awesome idea for a Breaking Dawn Part.

If I just need twilight appetizers,  I would serve sliced applies with a dipping sauce.  And any of the appetizers I mentioned above. 

Buffy had a thing for cheese and TAB.  just in case. 

If you have any ideas you would like to share do not hesitate.  I WOULD love for to see, and post your dinner party food ideas and photos.....send them on....

Here are some Great Vampire Paty Ideas from Maddycakes Muse:

Check out this post on True Blood Facebook fan page of vampire parties.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Join Vampire Craftin Flicker Group

I started a Vampire Craftin Flicker Group.  This is where you can share all of your vampire crafts.  I would love to see any crafts you have completed.  NO SELLING...NO Graphic Art. 

Post your handmade items from your favorite vampire shows and movies as well as Sci-fi shows and movies.  This is a place to promote your craft blog if you have one as well.

Happy Craftin'


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rip Talbot Cross Stitch

This is my last True Blood Cross Stitch Pattern for Trueblood for awile.....unless I feel inspired. 

There a few objects in season 3 that I will remember.  But the most memorable is going to have to be that Crystal Urn Russel carries Talbot in.  It is something you just have to watch to get the humor.  It is a Trubie thing.  No one else would understand. That being said, here is my Talbot block.  May he rest in Peace. 

This is my 1st draft.  My stiches didn't match on either side.  I am going to rework the pattern.


Friday, September 3, 2010

NEW blog Design

I hope I don't confuse anyone with a new blog design.

I was working on a craft for an upcoming post, and I had an old pattern laid out on the floor.  As I got up to get some pins I thought wow that paper is so pretty on the floor.  I really would love to just frame it.  So I photographed it....and then it hit me.  That would be so cool on my blog as a header, splattered with some blood stains. 

When I started my blog back in June.  I didn't give much thought to the blog design.  I just thought something not to busy.  It was a bit cheesy with the moon.  I have been meaning to change sorry it took so long.

This is ME.  I little bloody, a little steampunkish.  Different, unique and no vampire cliche's. 

Hope you enjoy the new design. Let me what you think.

If you REALLY LOVE IT and love my style, my day job is designing graphics, and websites.  Let me take a crack at your website.  Visit me on Etsy