Sunday, February 26, 2012

Quilt for the Cat

I have been avoiding it....but I can't deny it any longer.  I am turning in to one of those crazy cat ladies.  My family and I love our cat Suza (my 2 year old named her)  She had to be the ugliest kitten at the Shelter, and now she is gorgeous but I might be bias.  The white fur under her neck is super soft.  But  she seemed to be the sweetest during our visits to the shelter.  We made 2 visits just to make sure.  The shelter I went to had a bonding room where you can sit with potential pets.  Suza LOVES everyone in the house giving us equal love.  However she loves my daughter who is now almost 5 the most.  She sleeps at the foot of her bed every night...and she was so excited when my daughter moved out of the toddler bed.  She loves to lay on a window seat near a window.  We don't have a cushion on the bench because it tends to get full of cat hair.  I have put a towel on the bench but it looks funny.  I have also purchased a CAT BED from pet stores but she never really likes them.  I think she can smell that they are from china. LOL.

SO on to the quilt.  My favorite spot in my craft store is the fabric remnant bin.  I have found some of the best deals.

I found this cat fabric for .70 cents for just a little shy of a yard.
I then found the weird teal green from the back for $1.30

I took both fabrics cutting the teal green down to the size of the cat fabric, sandwiching some batting I had left over in the middle.  I pined the edges and a few pins in the middle and just sewed the quilt inside out.  So when i turned it to the correct side you could not see a seam.
I left about a 12 inch opening on one side of the quilt so that I could turn the quilt inside out.  I then fold the edges inside and made a hidden stitch, or invisible stitch. If you have any questions please ask...
The quilt was just a bit shy of 1 yard by 1 yard.

And here she is I put her quilt in the window she has a quilt of her own that can be washed... Pin It

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

TrueBlood GumBall Machine

Do you remember making these Gumball Machines in the 80's.  Well after lots of thought I was and trying to think of a teacher gift idea for Valentine's day I decide to revive this craft.  It is still as cheap to make as it was in the 1980's.

This is my personal gumball machine.  I will post the teachers gifts later...  I used the Trueblood stencils by the talented Andy Swist.  Please see Andy's webpage, his stensils are for personal use.  I love his paper dolls as have to check them out....  He is so talented!  And so funny...if you get a chance check out his videos.

Materials for this craft.
clay pot (cost about $1.50)
clay pot tray ($.75cents)
glass bowl ($1.00 at the $1 store)
E600 glue (I already had from several other projects)
Acrilic paint( I already had from other projects but they are super cheap about .50-$1 a color)
Clear sealer (I already had)
Paint brushes (already had)
Wooden bead for the top...$.79 cents
CANDY....I am using lindor truffles because I love chocolate.

This craft was about less than $4

1.  Paint your clay pot.  For this one I painted the bottom black and the top white.  watch your paint strokes.  I went in an up and down brush strokes...the brush strokes show up.
2.  Find a stencil or pattern you like.  Using a pencil trace your design on your clay pot.
I used a pair of sharp small scissors but it would have been easier to cut with a craft knife.  This stensil was only 3x3.  I used some painters tape to keep the stencil in place.

Once the tracing was done I began to paint.  I painted the red lips, and tongue first.  Let that dry and began the rest of the painting.  I am not a talented painter....but this was pretty easy....I had to go back and touch up some shaking lines with white paint but I was really happy with how this came out...

4.  Once your paint has dried add a clear acrylic gloss over you work to preserve it....Once that was dry I used the E6000 glue to attach the little globe at the top of the clay pot.  I then attached the painted wooden bead to the top of the clay tray to make a handle and added a drop of red paint to look like blood.  I then added a clear gloss to the lid as well.

This project was really easy.  It was just time consuming, because of the time it took for everything to dry.  I painted the pot on the inside and outside....and the tray once day and let it dry...  The stencil I did the next dry allowing an hour to dry between the red and black.  I then added the clear overcoat and then let that dry.  The good news Is I am doing 5 gumball machines at the same time.  I am doing 2 teachers gifts, and 2 other Vampire or Gothic Inspired Gumball machines. It was alot easier to more at once...than one at a time...I am still working on the others.... I will post the rest soon.

I love how you can really VAMP out any craft....These things usually look cheesy.  Stuck in the 1980's
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Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Craft Cabinet

For the past 8 years I have been completely spoiled with a large walk in closet in a spare room as a craft storage space.  The entire closet was all mine.  I am not sure of the exact demientions...but It is the same size as my laundry room.   Almost Five years ago my daugher was born and again I have been spoiled.  She didn't really need to much of the closet space.  Now she is soon to be 5 and she needs the closet for her clothes, and toys.  I am also expecting a baby boy in May and most of his items will be in the closet as well.  I am so excited to have the room needed for my littleones.  BUT.......

I needed a storage solution for my scrapbooking and craft supplies.  I have open floor plan in my living room I guess the area could be used for a dinning table but we are not really formal dining people.  So I decided to look for a Cabinet for my crafts.  I love the idea of closeing the cabinet so no one can see what is inside.. I found a great cabinet at the goodwill for only $30.  It had a space for a keyboard and I removed that sliding shelf out of the cabinet completely...

I then sanded and cleaned the entire cabinet and painted it black...I then took shelving paper and added it to the entire inside of the cabinet.  The reason is because I would be removeing and placing items in the cabnets I didn't want to scratch the paint...My plan is to replace the back with a white beat board from the hardware store.  I haven spent the entire day organizing and trying ton purge my scrapbooking supplies.  It is a really difficult process.  I will post photos of the ORGANIZED cabinet in another post with extra information on how to organize when I figure it out myself.  As you can see from the photos....The cat wants her own cabinet as well.