Monday, August 30, 2010

Bill Compton Cross Stitch

I hate to post 2 Cross Stitch patterns back to back.  I really plan on doing LOTS of diffrent crafts but I am working on my True Blood Fan Blocks. 

I had a hard time tring to figure out what pattern to do for Bill Compton.  All of my blocks are 50 x 50 and that doesn't allow for a lot of room to do anything with to much detail.  I got the idea when in season 3 they panned the camera to show Bill's sons grave.  I thought....I think I saw Bill's grave in a Season 1 episode.  And found out that in Season 1, Episode 6 Cold Ground.  It shows a photo of Bill's grave.  Excuse the photo.  I had to take a photo of the Screen to get this photo....My corss stitch is just an inspiration.

If you you use this pattern, please post in our Vampire Craftin Flicker group or link a post in a comment. .

Happy craftin.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vampire Diaries Cross Stitch

The Vampire Diaries will be premiering soon.  I really can't wait.  Just what I need to fill my much needed vampire void until True Blood premiers again next summer.  When I first started watching VD I wasn't sure I was going to like it....but it was really good as the story line progressed. 

In honor of the upcoming premiere here is my Vampire Diaries Cross Stitch.  When I say it is EASY I mean super easy ANYONE CAN DO THIS....\... It is not for Resale.  I created it for personal use only.  If you save this please leave a comment.

If you want to post on your blog...please post a link back to my blog.  If all goes well I will post tons more FREE patterns.  If you have a problem downloading the pattern email and I will send it to you.

On the pattern you will find I changed the colors.....The VAMPIRE DIARIES is in a burnt orange, and the ribbon is in black.  I colored it that way so the pattern will be easier to read. 

*Black 14 Count  - Cross Stitch FabricThis is usually what you ask for but any brand is fine.  Cut to fit in a 5x7 frame.  I personally put a masking tape around the edges so the cloth will not fray. 
*Red Embroidery floss
*White Embroidery floss
*Frame for your finished product
*Cross Stitch needle
*Print out the attached pattern...(not for resale)

If you have never cross stitched the following instructions are for you. You can do this...even if you don't think you are a crafty person. 

There are 6 stains of "string" on a stran of Embrodry floss.  You need to snip off the string and separate all but 2 of the strans and then put them on a needle leaving just pulling an inch threw the eye. 

Find the center point of your 5 1/2 x 71/2 landscape fabric.  I find this by folding the fabric in half both ways. 

On the pattern find your center point.  The center point is the R in vampire. 

Push your needle threw the center of the fabric in the back.  DO NOT pull the thread all of the way threw the hole.  It is just easy to tie a small knot in the string.  As you get started you will get the hang of this.

Finish the letters 1st then get started on the read ribbon. 

There are so many ways you can finish this pattern.  I just framed it. 

If you use this pattern I want to see your finished product please post a comment below with a link or email me at vampirecraftin at

Happy Craftin!  Again if you do this Craft Please Post in Vampire Craftin Flicker group or in a comment.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Coffee Corset

One thing I love more than Vampires is Coffee (and Dr.Pepper). Me without coffee = a horror movie.

I got the idea for this craft from one of my blog followers Lilja.  She made a fabric cupcake wrap from my pattern.  Then a few days later posted a corset she had made.  Then it just clicked.  Nothing says sexy vampire like a corset.  So I knew what I would be making.  A coffee corset.  (little did I know until after this posting that there are hundreds out there.  They have also already come up with the name coffee corset.  I hope this one is easy for you to duplicate on your own, and a bit diffrent.)

I usually make my own coffee, and it is my opinion......but if you don’t have coffee from a coffee press than you are missing out. (my 2 cents) I rarely purchase coffee outside of my home. It just doesn’t taste right. I live in Texas, and coffee around here tastes like mud, or chemical waste.  If you purchase coffee in town  the Gas station is my only option. Yes. I said it. The gas station. It is only .99 cents. I don’t do starbucks. I am cheap.

So It is over 100 degrees and what do I do. I go buy hot coffee so I can test out a new pattern for a Coffee Corset.   I have seen tons of designs and I thought they were very nice. I would love to get one as a gift. But I thought it should be easier than some of patterns I saw…..I thought felt would be better than batting. Batting sometimes bunches.... AND you don’t have to have a sewing machine you can do this by hand.  BELOW IS ONE I DID WITH BATTING, and Velcro.  I didn't like it...boring..

I have been working on this all week. I have tried tons of designs and this one was the easiest for me.  I really had fun with this craft and used SCRAPS.  So I didn't need to purchase any supplies.  

Materials you will need:
A sheet of felt.
Matching Fabric Scraps are great.
4 grommets.
Twine or thin ribbon
Pinking sheers (if you have them.) if not try ric rac or Gothic lace to make a boarder. 
Needle and thread…..or sewing machine.
Coffee Sleeve. (I will scan and upload my design soon.)

Trace your coffee sleeve to make a pattern.

  1. Pin your pattern down on your fabric, and cut it out.
  2. Pin your fabric down on a matching piece of felt. And sew around your fabric. There is no need to tuck your fabric under. It is not going anywhere. If washed your coffee corset the edges will fray but I think that is going to look neat…. I tucked my ends, but I didn't need to.  When you wash your coffee corset remove the ribbon….You can use 2 sheets of felt. I have drank 3 cups of coffee with just 1 sheet and it is just perfect.
  3. After you have sewn around your fabric cut the felt slightly above with Pinking sheers. (note this is NOT decorative paper scissors.) It will leave a neat boarder. If you don’t have Pinking sheers. Just trim around free hand. I think the whimsical look is Classic.  Or as I suggested above use ric rac or a Gothic lace to make a boarder.
  4. Put your grommets in the back of the sleeve. I have a crop-a-dle made this task super easy….I used 4 grommets.  2 on each side...You can do with you wish.  You can't use the small grommets.  You have to use one that will go threw and secure felt with fabric. 
  5. Lace your corset, and attach to your coffee.


When I searched on the web for these coffee (sleeves, cozies) they all had decorations. Many were decorated with buttons and flowers and other bobbles. I made one with a sequin rose on it, and one with a Iron on initial. And it was really annoying trying to use it. When you grab a coffee cup your hands go half way around your cup. If you are busy reading or using the computer you may or may not always grab in in a certain way.

I say get a very bold decorative fabric. (since you only need a small amount of fabric you can splurge) If you feel the need to decorate it use felt or something you can easily grasp. You can also make a decorative statement with stitching. Use a decorative stitch . (swirls, diagonal lines. Even sew an initial.

To decorate mine I used left over felt to cut easy designs. I sewed around my felt designs to hold them down. I even sewed little lines to look like teeth on the top near the fangs. (I wasn’t sure if you could tell) Felt works great to grab the cup and I had no problems with it.

I want to see your designs. Email them to me....or post a link in the comment. 

As far as closures.  I saw alot of great ideas.  Since this is a Vampire CRAFT website.  I did a corset.  You can use Velcro....But again this is a hot cup of coffee.  I don't trust Velcro...did make one and it kind moved around.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

EASY and FAST crochet BLanket

I found a really easy and FAST crochet method that works really great for, me and I thought I would tell.  I was given and old (N-15) Crochet needle, and thought what can you crochet with that.  You would need a super thick yarn.  My mother-in-law then informed me that you can put 2 to 3 yarns together and make an Afghan. 

SO, I gathered my 3 fav colors.  RED, WHITE, and BLACK.  All the same name brand...wound them together and MAN is it a fast way to crochet.  One block did the work of what it would normally take to do 2.   I ran out of yarn but I almost have a 24x24 piece created.  I have gotten so much done in such a little time.   Not to mention the colors ROCK. 

I was thinking this would be neat to do for a School Colors for a college student, or pro football team colors.  Or 3 shades of RED.....The Red, White, and Black combo work if you are gift giving for a True Blood or Twilight Fan.  I also would love to see a scarf made like this.  I bet you could get alot done.....

OH Perfect for Harry Potter Fans.  Do a scarf.  The characters always have scarfs.  I will jot that one down for later. 

I am making 7x7 granny squares and putting them together to make a blanket.   I am sure any method would be great.  I will not be putting alot of attention into this so granny squares work great.  There are tons of granny square patterns and tutorials.out there. 

I will keep you posted.  I know this could be finished in like a month if I really worked on it....but I am busy getting crafts ready for the blog.....Let me know if you do this....I want to see your blankets. 

Now is an awesome time to get started on those holiday gifts. 


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Volturi Clock Tower

Project 2 for my Shadow box and I really picked something Difficult.  Bella's room was a breeze compared to this.  I did 4 different projects trashed several.  I am still laking a clock.  I would rather do something perfect that something just to finish so at this time I am leaving off the clock.  The size of the clock would be as small as a hole punch so as you can image.  Making a clock that small is rather difficult.  In the photo the flash bounced off of the dried glue and made it look kinda shiny but it isn't. It is not an exact duplicate.  I changed it up. All of the red flags were hard to make at that size and when I added them the Tower looked to busy. 

The fountain was quilled.  I have a large loose circle on the bottom layer.  I smaller hollow circle on the top layer and then I cut a small blue circle and laid inside the fountain so when I filled it with Crystal Lacquer it looked like water.  The center of the fountain is tiny tight rolls of paper and the top is a half unrolled quilled circle. 

I formed the clock tower in 6 steps.

  1. Step one cut the rectangle and then glue like strips of paper on the diagonal to give the section some texture. I cut a small black oval shape for the door and small rectangles for the windows. For the arch I glued 4 sheets of like paper together. One on top of the other. Then I used some of the same strips of paper to give the arch some texture.
  2. Cut rectangle. Half of this rectangle will be hidden behind #1 and #2. Cut 8 windows from black cardstock, let dry and attach.
  3. In this step I used 3 strips just to give some detail to this large layer. I also cut out small squares at the top of the triangle. I also cut some small squares and added some detail on the tower. This section has 4 small windows.
  4. I used the same method on section 4 as I did in section one. I added some square stonework at the top of the section for detail.
  5. Section 5 has a small oval window and some stone squares to top off the section. I put section 5 behind section 4 hiding some of the make the window longer than you need.
  6. Just a s square with some top detailing. 2 square points sticking out from the top to finish it off.

    The red flags in the window are Small Quilled S scrolls.   The red arrows on the pattern indicate sections that are moved back behind the section below.  I also designed stairs.  I glued several sheets of paper together and then tucked them between a folded sheet of cardstock.  This made smooth edges, and a stable foundation for the tower.  I finished the tower with a coat of Crystal lacquer to preserve the project.  I glued the section with Elmer's glue and strips of cards stock in the back to provide stability. 

Just for a laugh here is one of my failed attempts

 2 down and 11 to go I am working on the tent scene next.  What other Twilight scenes would you like to see in this box.  Help me out. I am having a hard time deciding.  I need to go see Eclipse again for some more inspiration.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pam Ravencroft Cross Stitch

Don't you just love Pam? She is one of a kind.  When things are tense she offers just the right balance for the story in the books and on the TV.  No one really compares.  One of my the most memorable lines from Pam is when she tells Eric. "But these are my favorite pumps." after he asks her to go look in the woods for Sookie's attacker in Season 2.  I logged on all of that week hoping favorite blog would tell me what pump Pam was wearing so I can do an inspired craft.  Loving True Blood in Dallas never lets me down.  Took me awhile but better late than never.

Pam's favorite pumps were from Betsy Johnson they are called Risky.(Would they be called anything else?)  There is one in all black as well....I love the all black ones!

So to pay homage to Pam's Pumps, may they rest in Peace. 

If you want the pattern follow my blog and email me at Vampire Craftin at gmail and I will send you a pattern.  It is really easy and small I only used about 4 flosses on a 14 pt fabric.  I think it is 45 wide by 30 tall.  Stay tuned for more.  I am have lined up projects for Bill, Lorena, Sam, Jason, Sophie-Ann and Alcide.  I need ideas as well.  Pam was easy.....but what for all of the other characters???? Help me out!

Pam Ravenscroft Shoes Paper Craft

Last month I posted a great paper craft for a shoe.  Well you can't do a shoe craft without doing one for Pam.  So here is my Pam inspired shoe.  HERE IS THE PATTERN


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sookie Stackhouse Pen Craft

What I love about Craftin' the Sookie Stackhouse Character is the EXTREMELY distinguishable outfit.  I can craft anything to resemble the character because you can't mistake the White T-Shirt Blonde hair pulled to the side in a pony tail, and the short shorts with a green logo at the top.  When I was in girl scouts we made these pens we called pen pals.  And I thought it would be a neat craft for back to school.  You can really do anything with these pens you just need imagination.
You will need the following for this craft.
Round Barrel pen
Flesh Embroidery floss
Black Embroidery floss
White Embroidery floss
Tooth Picks

Begin at the top or the bottom of the barrel of the pen and wrap your embroidery floss around the pen so the barrel of the pen disappears.  Spot glue as you go.  Allow to dry and set

Hair.  Wrap yellow floss around tooth picks, and dip in water allowing them to dry.  Once they dry and you remove them from the tooth picks your pen pal will have curly hair. 

Cut the sharp points of  2 tooth picks off , and glue to the top of the pen where the shoulders would be. 

Wrap white floss around the top of the tooth picks to resemble shoulders.  Be sure to add small amounts of glue and allow it to dry.    Add the hair to the top and allow to dry.

I added the green logo with a green sharpie pen.  I have in the past added beds for necklaces.  Super easy craft. 


Bil Compton Cross Stitch

This is my second Cross Stich pattern in my True Blood Series..  It didn't really match the Sookie one I did earlier.  So while I am going to keep this one.   I am going to do something a bit diffrent for Bill, in my series collection.  I thought I would post this one for you to see.  This pattern would be really neat on a black canvas bag.   I think I will custom mat and frame it but I am not sure.  I used a 14 count cross stitch fabric, and it is 50x50.  This was a really, really fast pattern to complete. I was inspired with the stensil created by Andy Swist.  I had to change it up a bit to work as a cross stitch pattern.  You can find his art here...


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sookie Stackhouse Quilt Block

I used my Cross stitch pattern and made a Applique Quilt block pattern for Sookie Stackhouse.  I had a hard time with the Merlotte's logo.  I used embroidery floss and made my own, I thought  of using a T-shirt transfer, but I wasn't sure how it would work out. (maybe a fairy godmother out there will send me a machine embroidery logo to replace this one, and make my year)  I plan on making a block for each character, so stay tuned.  OR follow my blog.  I am defiantly a Quilt Beginner, but my grandmother is a master and I have worked with her for years.  This project didn't take that long, maybe an hour. 

Step 1: The pattern


Dark Green Calico (Background
Yellow for Sookie’s hair
Flesh colored fabric….(remember Sookie has tan.)
All White for the T-shirt.  Get a thick fabric.  Then one I used was thin
White Bias Tape.
T-Shirt transfer for Merlotte’s logo. Or Embroidery Thread for Merlottee’s logo

Step 2: Cut your pieces
Cut out your pieces. Cut a backer out of the green. Cut the white t-shirt and the neck. Go ahead and fold the edges of the neck over and affix them down with starch or heat bond.  The hardest part of this project is folding and setting the seams. 

Attach bias tape around the neck line with Heat bond or starch.
Step 3: Assemble

Add Hair

Finish with boarder.

I then stitched on the Merlotte’s logo with a hidden back stitch.  And made the logo with embroidery floss but you can also use T-shirt transfer paper.

The above finished size is 5x5.  My finished block will be 6x6, with green boarder.  I plan to make one a block for each character.  More of a reason to follow this blog.
I want to see your project.  Add a comment with a link to a photo of your project....OR email a photo of your project I would love to check it out. 

NEED MORE HELP.  Check out this tutorial about Appliqueing.  It will help alot.  This is the only way to Applique

Below.  This was my 1st attempt. 


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sookie Stackhouse Cross Stitch

I am so proud of myself, and it doesn't happen often.  I created and completed a cross stitch pattern.  I saw so many patterns on line and purchased one from etsy.  I got the pattern and began working on it...It took weeks and when I was finished it did not look right....Nothing like the photo.  The lady who sold it to me obviously just pulled a stock photo up and used a software program to make the pattern....She never actually worked the pattern herself.  AND getting off my soap box it didn't work.

So here is my pattern.  I wish I had a pattern to give....but I completely made it up from my Applique block.  I hope you enjoy.

I am using the same pattern to created a Applique Quilt block of Sookie Stackhouse.  I will post it soon.


Altered Composition Notebook

It is almost time for the kids back to school. I get so excited when August back to school ads post each year, because that means it is time to stock up on Craft Supplies. (Oh and getting my kids school supplies as well) There are always such great deals. I found some composition notebooks for .25cents. Glue sticks and map pencils for under $1.

So I decided to use two of my purchases. I am Altering a Composition Notebook.


Glue Stick
Scrapbooking paper (8 1/2 x 11 is best but any size is fine)
Scrap Ribbon (You don't need that much)
Embellishments of your choice...Love is a sticker I found in the Clearance Section at Hobby Lobby
The "faux" Crochet Flower I found while blog hopping. Daniel Flanders has a "how to "posted on her blog. It is super easy to follow and understand. It is extremely sturdy for any craft. Perfect for this notebook, cards, and your scrapbook pages.

Altering a Composition notebooks is easy. Using a glue stick cover all of your book. (not the spine) then glue your scrapbook paper down as you wish. I used 2 different papers. On the seam of the 2 pages I used ribbon I affixed with glue dots. The FAUX flower with regular glue. You can find lots of "how to's" online. I figured there were SO many why add my own.

Happy Craftin