Thursday, May 26, 2011

Upcycled Gift Boxes

 I was breaking down boxes last week for the recycling bin when I thought it would be nice to use boxes I would normally put in the trash to upcycle into gift boxes. I made 4 pillow boxes from 2 boxes of cereal, left over scrapbook paper, and ribbon. (I didn't purchase anything) This is a great finish to your handmade gifts and eco-friendly way to add that finishing touch to a gift.  You can make them as elaborate or as plain as you want. 

Materials needed for this Project.
*scissors (not your good Pair)
*scrap 2 x 12 strip of scrapbook paper (you can make 6 strips from one page, Perfect when your scrapbooking stores have paper marked down to 5 for $1)
*Other emblishments that you choose.
*Glue (your choice, elmers, rubber cement or a glue stick)

1. Trace your pattern on the outside of your box, Leave the brown on the inside. I found my pattern HERE. Size your pattern to meet your needs. I cut one of the folded notches out and just fliped it around 4 times to make my notches. You could also print 2 patterns one for the outside and one for the insides.  There are hundreds of different kinds of boxes to choose from.  Pillow boxes are the easiest I THINK.
My Boxes are about 4 1/2 x 6

2. Cut out your pattern, and score your folding marks. I scored mine by pressing hard when tracing, and backing my box with a thick cardboard. It really made scoring super easy.

3. Glue down the flap. I set a heavy object on top of it while I traced and trimmed the other boxes.

4. Fold down your edges. I used my 1" circle punch to make the notches at the end but you can just trace and trim those notches if you don't have a circle punch.
All that is left is to decorate. You can make you can make your packaging as fancy or as understated as you want.

Again you can use cardsstock and make a fancy box.  I just thought it would be great to do one from products you would normally put in the trash.  Again my price for this craft was ZERO.

Oriental Trading Company Has some really inexpensive box templates.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dark Links Feature

Many times I feel like I am composing a rather twisted crafting monologue. (mainly because of my misspelled words and dreadful grammar) I know that even if no one was reading.... I would continue to blog.  It was a great honor to be featured on Dark Links on May 20th.  It is one of the TOP TEN Dark/gothic websites.  Since I craft I am usually left out of such groups.  I can't tell you how excited I was that I was mentioned.  This makes my 95th post.  I almost have 100 posts.  Can you believe it!  I am going to do something special give aways and discounts to some of my favorite VAMPIRE vendors.  Even a blog hop.  Let me know via comment or email you want to join in.

Thanks Dark Links

Friday, May 20, 2011

Alternative bottle cap necklace

I have seen hundreds of different bottle cap necklaces all are fabulous.     This is an alternative to the everyday bottle caps.

You will need
*bottle cap
*sead beads
*E600 glue or modge podge glue
*mode podge dimensional magic
*bubble letters
*1 inch die cut makes things easy
(note instead of the bubble you can use those glass marble things...that have a flat side...Just print a letter or photo to go under your marble. I am not sure what they are called. So sue me)

1.  You will need to diecut a circle to fit in your bottle cap, and then attach you paper to the bottle cap.  Be sure to center the bubble letter.  Once you have done this add your bubble letter on top.  You will have a well of space all the way around your bottle cap to place your beads.

2.  Fill the space around the edges with your modge podge dimensional magic.  Not to much just a little bit.  then add your sead beads.  I move them around with my tooth pick.  Keep building them up until they reach the brim on your bottle cap

3.  Once you are happy with the arrangement then add more dimensional magic on top, and allow it to dry overnight.

This is a great project for you to do with a child.  My little one was 3 and she really liked putting the little beads inside the cap.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Teachers Gifts, Lanyards

Each of the teachers at my sons school must where an ID around their neck.  I decided because of that I would make Lanyards for the teacher's gifts this year.  This is cost effective way to make a very personal gift. For a teacher, student or anyone who uses an id badge.   This project does take quite a bit of time to dry between steps.  I call these type of projects "countertop projects".  I estimate each one cost be about $3-$4. and I can always use the products in the future for other projects.

You will need the following for this project.
*bottle caps Got mine HERE
*diamond glaze or modge podge dimensional magic. &/e6000 adhesive
*Lanyards (I purchased these at the craft store for 40% off of $2.96, and there were 3 in a package)
*trinkets or stickers for the inside.
*paper for the background if you wish to use it.
*1" circle punch makes the job easy.

1.  I began by cutting cutting out circles from a black glitter paper.  I then attached the circles in the bottle cap with E6000  You can use regular modge podge glue as well.  I tried just to use the dimensional magic but the circle curled up so lesson learned.

2.  After the glue dried I attached the knight helmet charm with e6000, which is a must because of the material. I also attached a small drop of glue and a rhinestone on the helmet, and then allowed this to dry overnight

3.  I then added the dimensional magic in the bottle cap filling it up to the brim and allowing it to dry overnight.  It will look cloudy until dry.

Once the necklaces were dry, I packaged them in small sandwich bags and made bag toppers for them.  I made 10 of the 25 bottle caps I purchased so stay tuned for more projects.  If you don't want to make your own there are HUNDREDS on etsy already made for you.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vampire Popsicle Recipe

My kids really love V8 fruit fusion strawberry and bananas, and a few others.  I purchased a new flavor called pomegranate & blueberry and they didn't like it very much.  I hated to waste it so I decided to make Popsicles from the juice AND THE LOVED IT.  I didn't add anything to juice just poured it into a mold and it was a hit.  As they came out I thought.  This would be an awesome menu item for a Vampire Summer Party.  You can turn this into snow cones as well.  BUT pop-cycles are easy clean up.

ADD alcohol for adults.  Just make sure you dispose of any left overs so the kids don't take one in the morning.

All you need is a Popsicle molds and juice of your choice.  I found this one on clearance for a $1, it was a smaller mold but it was a perfect serving size for me.  You can use cups, ice cube trays and more.  If you make one I want to check it out....

True Blood theme Popsicles would be great with a bottle of Trueblood, or any blood looking juice.  I know that it is expensive.  It would cost quit a bit of money for everyone to get their own bottle.  Not as much money for folks to get their own Popsicles.  You can mix items in to make one bottle serve many people.  Green beer and alcoholic Popsicles would be awesome.  Use natural products like lavender, and rosemary for the witches.

Twilight theme Popsicles have endless possibilities.  Apple flavored, Cold(blue and minty) and HOT(hot with cinnamon) theme to represent Edward and Jacob.  You can also use juice that looks like blood.

Vampire Diaries. Again blood themed juice, but gourmet pops like lavender and honey, and ginger and mango would be fun for the more sophisticated characters oh and the witches.

Being Human Blood theme for Aidan (blood), Something boy next door and wholesome outdoorsy (pistachio, beer) for Josh, and something sophisticated for Sally. (use the Creamy Pistachio pop but yous a different tea and take out the pistachios if you wish.

Here are some recipes to consider.  You can alway switch out the ingredients 
Blood Orange Popsicles
Popsicle Recipe
Strawberry Yogurt Popsicle
Alcoholic Popsicle
Beer Popsicles
Tea Popsicles
Creamy Pistachio Pops  You can sub any tea flavor.  Try raspberry, blood orange, pommagrante, or black cherry.  
Also use lavender tea, or rosemary tea...Perfect for witches theme.  

If you make one...I want to see it....send a comment with a link in this post.