Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vampire Popsicle Recipe

My kids really love V8 fruit fusion strawberry and bananas, and a few others.  I purchased a new flavor called pomegranate & blueberry and they didn't like it very much.  I hated to waste it so I decided to make Popsicles from the juice AND THE LOVED IT.  I didn't add anything to juice just poured it into a mold and it was a hit.  As they came out I thought.  This would be an awesome menu item for a Vampire Summer Party.  You can turn this into snow cones as well.  BUT pop-cycles are easy clean up.

ADD alcohol for adults.  Just make sure you dispose of any left overs so the kids don't take one in the morning.

All you need is a Popsicle molds and juice of your choice.  I found this one on clearance for a $1, it was a smaller mold but it was a perfect serving size for me.  You can use cups, ice cube trays and more.  If you make one I want to check it out....

True Blood theme Popsicles would be great with a bottle of Trueblood, or any blood looking juice.  I know that it is expensive.  It would cost quit a bit of money for everyone to get their own bottle.  Not as much money for folks to get their own Popsicles.  You can mix items in to make one bottle serve many people.  Green beer and alcoholic Popsicles would be awesome.  Use natural products like lavender, and rosemary for the witches.

Twilight theme Popsicles have endless possibilities.  Apple flavored, Cold(blue and minty) and HOT(hot with cinnamon) theme to represent Edward and Jacob.  You can also use juice that looks like blood.

Vampire Diaries. Again blood themed juice, but gourmet pops like lavender and honey, and ginger and mango would be fun for the more sophisticated characters oh and the witches.

Being Human Blood theme for Aidan (blood), Something boy next door and wholesome outdoorsy (pistachio, beer) for Josh, and something sophisticated for Sally. (use the Creamy Pistachio pop but yous a different tea and take out the pistachios if you wish.

Here are some recipes to consider.  You can alway switch out the ingredients 
Blood Orange Popsicles
Popsicle Recipe
Strawberry Yogurt Popsicle
Alcoholic Popsicle
Beer Popsicles
Tea Popsicles
Creamy Pistachio Pops  You can sub any tea flavor.  Try raspberry, blood orange, pommagrante, or black cherry.  
Also use lavender tea, or rosemary tea...Perfect for witches theme.  

If you make one...I want to see it....send a comment with a link in this post.


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  1. Great party ideas!! Now I want an ice pop.. LOL. We love popsicles around here.. I'll have to try a few of your suggestions and letcha know how it goes. That fusion stuff sounds yum.. I've never tried it.. and what a great way to get the kiddo's to eat something fun but healthy.. I usually just stick Kool-aid never thought of heatlhy juices.. LOL