Sunday, May 15, 2011

Teachers Gifts, Lanyards

Each of the teachers at my sons school must where an ID around their neck.  I decided because of that I would make Lanyards for the teacher's gifts this year.  This is cost effective way to make a very personal gift. For a teacher, student or anyone who uses an id badge.   This project does take quite a bit of time to dry between steps.  I call these type of projects "countertop projects".  I estimate each one cost be about $3-$4. and I can always use the products in the future for other projects.

You will need the following for this project.
*bottle caps Got mine HERE
*diamond glaze or modge podge dimensional magic. &/e6000 adhesive
*Lanyards (I purchased these at the craft store for 40% off of $2.96, and there were 3 in a package)
*trinkets or stickers for the inside.
*paper for the background if you wish to use it.
*1" circle punch makes the job easy.

1.  I began by cutting cutting out circles from a black glitter paper.  I then attached the circles in the bottle cap with E6000  You can use regular modge podge glue as well.  I tried just to use the dimensional magic but the circle curled up so lesson learned.

2.  After the glue dried I attached the knight helmet charm with e6000, which is a must because of the material. I also attached a small drop of glue and a rhinestone on the helmet, and then allowed this to dry overnight

3.  I then added the dimensional magic in the bottle cap filling it up to the brim and allowing it to dry overnight.  It will look cloudy until dry.

Once the necklaces were dry, I packaged them in small sandwich bags and made bag toppers for them.  I made 10 of the 25 bottle caps I purchased so stay tuned for more projects.  If you don't want to make your own there are HUNDREDS on etsy already made for you.



  1. ohhh fabulous idea! I am so stealing it! thank you!!!

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