Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Winners Are

I had 22 entries for my 100th post giveaway.  Melissa earned extra entries for emailing me projects she had completed that were inspired by my Upcycled Junk Mail to Bookmarks post!  So that makes 28 entries.  I used to pick my numbers.  Your prizes will ship after the 4th of July Holiday. If you have one please email me your name, and address.  vampirecraftin at gmail .com
Thank you so much !  

Here are the winners.
A Free Blog Make Over goes to…#15 Nicole

A True Blood Shirt is…….#11 Amy

A handmade card to you from Immortal Visions  #4 Carol

The 3 Grab Bags go to #2 Carol, #5 Melissa W, #21 Melissa.  Grab bags are handmade items made to order Please allow time for shipping.  
Again I cannot thank you enough
Here are one project Melissa completed, inspired by one of my posts.  . 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

100th Post Giveaway

*****************Contest is CLOSED*************************************************
Today Is my 100th Blog post.  I am sooo excited.  I didn't think I would have 100 different things to talk about.  The funny things is I have about 50 ideas in my book I just need to get on it and get it done.  I just checked my stats and I have 15,174 hits so far on my blog.  WOW that is amazing.  Thanks so much  

To honor my 100th Post I am giving away your choice of one of the following prizes.  I will pay for shipping.  I will have a drawing on June 29th.  Just a note I am giving stuff away for FREE at my own cost.  So don't get bitchy with me, or I will rip out your rib cage and wear it as a hat.    
--free blogger makeover. Made by me.... Complete with custom background, banner, social media buttons and blogger button.  I usually charge folks about $45 for this.  

-- HBO True Blood short sleeve shirt.  I am ordering one for myself want to order one for one of my followers as well.  $25.00 or less shipping included.  I don't care where you live....I will find you

--A handmade card to you from Immortal Visions  I love her designs and I want to share one with you. 

--A Vampire Grab Bag. I am giving away 3 grab bags.... You don't know what is in it...but it is FANGTASTIC...

1.  To win one of these FANGTASTIC of prizes all you have to do is be a VampireCraftin Follower and comment below on your favorite craft that I have created, and let me know what prize you want. 

2.  Get an entry for referring a fan to Vampire Craftin Blog.  No comment from you needed.  Your friend will need to comment SENT BY:YOUR NAME as a comment.  That will get you an entry.  

3.  Get 2 entries by emailing me a photo of a project of mine you have created. (you must be a follower, and you get an (2) entries for each project photo you send....).   Send me as many photos as you have.  Also let me know what prize...It can be a different one.  don't forget to comment below

4.  Get another entry for:
Purchasing a product from one of my Favorite vendors below.  (I know them so don't lie, you will receive an entry for every product you purchase)
 Also let me know what prize...It can be a different one.  

5.  Get another entry for:
Following one of my favorite vendors on facebook.  You get an entry for each vendor. 
Also comment below for your entry.  

***NOTE*****You must comment below to get**EACH entry**, Comment separately on everything you have done, as well as let me know what prize you wish to have, REMEMBER no bitchin' this is Vampire Craftin not Unicorns and Rainbows.  I will bite.  I will choose a winner with a random number generator.  I am going to number each comment as they come in.  That is why it is important to comment with each entry.  No limit to The number of entries.  I will draw a number on JUNE 29th, 2011.  
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She upcycles vintage jewelry into artful creations.  Here are two of my favorites.


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One of my Favorite The Tessy Tree Creations.  Check out shop by clicking on her name.  
She does amazing work.

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Sudsy Soaps
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Here are a few of my favorite products.

Pretty Chicky Boutique
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She has some wonderful personalized stamped jewelry.  
I have one with my kids names stamped on it and I love it!
Check out her facebook page for photos
This is one of my favorites.  Bracelets made out of spoons.  

Thanks Again

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Merlotte's Bar Shirt

I found a wooden shirt plaque at the Dollar Tree Store, for a $1. (lol)  I am sure it was intended to be used for childrens sports plaques or your favorite baseball team.  I am sure those are all custe  BUT I couldn't help but Vamp it out.

You will need:
White Acrylic Paint (the cheap ones that are like 50cents)
Wooden Tshirt Plaque
A print out of any logo your have/ or you can draw or trace a pattern.
Crystal Lacquer or Crystal Glaze something to preserve what you have done.

  1. The first thing I did was paint the plaque.  I used 2 coats allowing time to dry between each quote.  
  2. While my paint was drying I printed a Merlotte's logo on a photo paper so it looked GREAT.
  3. When my shirt was dried I glued the logo where I wanted it.  I then coved the entire shirt with crystal lacquer   It takes alot of product to do this but it is worth it to preserve what you have done.  
I made a Merlotte's Bar shirt but the possiblity of projects is endless.  Here are some ideas:
  • Fangtasia Shirt
  • Another Merlotte's shirt
  • Lou Pines Beer/Trueblood/Herveaux Contracting SEE HBO Store for ideas.  
  • Bon Temps High School Shirt
  • Twilight theme (useing one of the books, or your fav slogan, TEAM JB OR EC, Team Swiz)
  • Location advertisement or travel shirt (Forks, WA, Sunndale, CA, Bon Temps, LA, Mystic Falls etc)
  • Sunnydale High Shirt or UC Sunnydale
  • Vampire Diaries (team stefan or Damon, Mystic Grill, etc)
  • Hospital shirt or scrubs from BEING HUMAN or just a BEING HUMAN logo
  • Rock Band Shirt from Lestat from Ann Rice Novel. 
These were all ideas I had...I WANT TO SEE yours you don't have to have a wood plaque just use paper.  
Here is a paper T-SHIRT PATTTERN  Show me what you got.  Post a link below or email me your design


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Breaking Dawn Preveiw.

If you are a nutty Twilight fan just like me you have already seen this but here is the Breaking Dawn Trailer.  I personally can't wait.  Wish yall lived closer.   I will be watching solo.  On a positive note... I always find the best seat.  What do you think?  What are you waiting to see most of all.  I can't wait to see pregnancy and birth.  I bet it will end before we get into all of that.  I hate reading spoiler sites, I like to be surprised so I guess I will see when I arrive 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

TrueBlood Headphones

Since True Blood premiered in 2008, I have had to upgrade to HD, subscribed to HBO, and bought a Blu-ray player.......Now I can't wait to upgrade my music listening expereince to the best  headphones on the market today.  I was a fan of V-MODA, and now OMG...

Here is more information from their website:
V-MODA and HBO have partnered on special pairs of V-MODA for True Blood headphones and ear buds. The V-MODA for True Blood collection will contain six different models of ear buds and headphones and will also feature a whole new look, different from what we have been used to for now, which have been the Crossfade LP and Vibrato. The new style will be called “Hearwear” and will be specifically designed for those who like the sexy stylings of the True Blood series. The V-MODA for True Blood line of headphones and ear buds will debut at Amazon, HBO Shop, and V-MODA on June 26th. Just in time for the True Blood premiere.  Be sure you don't forget to sign up with V-MODA for notification.  I have a feeling these things are going to be in HUGE demand.  Just keep your hands off of  mine.  I BITE.

Waiting SUCKS!  Not only am I waiting for the premiere, but now I am waiting on these headphones....

Find them on FACEBOOK
Find them on the WEB

As a mother of a teen I have to tell you these things LAST.  More information to come.