Friday, April 29, 2011

Sookie & Tara Inspired Cakes.

I usually don't blog about someone I don't know but I saw these awesome cakes and I had to share.  This would be an awesome cake for your premiere party.  You can find the seller on etsy HERE.
I have never purchased from her, but she has some good reviews.  Her work on this cake looks awesome.  I am not an expert at all on fondant but I know that it takes some major skill to make it look like fabric.  If you order this for your premire party or just because.  Let me know I would love to see it.

She also makes cupcakes.  


Waiting Sucks, True Blood Season 4 Poster Contest

I can not wait until season 4 of True blood.  I am kind of frustrated that HBO hasn't posted seasons 2 and 3 on demand but I am dealing with it.  Kind of.

The deviant art site I am a member of I-LOVE-TRUEBLOOD fan art site.  They are having a contest to create a season 4 poster.  I just designed and posted my poster.  I hope you like it.
Find the rest of my art online here as well.

Monday, April 25, 2011

True Blood Crawfish Bread

I am counting down the days until the True Blood Premier.  Last night after a large easter lunch my husband decided to make a crawfish bread.  It was a light snack...It would be awesome prepare for your premier party.  You could make individual muffin type servings as well.  This is a recipe that has been perfected over time...PLEASE let me know if you make this....I would like to see it.

You will need the following ingredients:
*1 lb of crawfish tails coarsely chopped.  If you cannot find fresh ones Boudrox Frozen tails are the best.  You can use shrimp, crab and lobster meat as well.  Pat your meat with a paper make sure it is not to wet.....LOL
*1 4oz jar of pimentos drained and chopped
*3/4 cup of chopped green onions.
*1/2 a cup of shredded pepper jack cheese.
*1/2 a cup of Cheddar cheese.
*Salt, pepper and Creole seasoning to taste.  (I used tony chachere creole seasoning)
*2 8oz cans of crescent roll dough.
*one or 2 egg whites.

In a large mixing bowl mix all ingredients, except the dough and egg whites.

Then both containers of crescent roll doughs together  Dust your working surface with flour so the dough does not stick.

Once your dough is rolled out add your filling to the center.
cut slits in your dough to allow for easy folding.

As your fold the flaps of dough in use egg whites like glue so they stick.  Once all of your ends have been folded and you can no longer see the filling you are done.  Egg wash the entire loaf of bread.  To much flour was added on this one....I dusted it off before baking

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to make Tulle Flowers

I have seen these cute Tulle Flowers everywhere and I was curious on how to make one.  I looked all over the web.  There are not that many people who want to share.  I found a lots You Tube videos and I just viewed all of them and came up with my own.  

You will need the following materials.
Tulle you can use Satin as well
tea light
Brad or Button for the center.

I used a cup and traced a pattern on a cereal box.  I then cut circles out of some tulle I had purchased for .25 cents in the remnants bin at the craft store a few years ago.  Tulle is about .89 cents per yard.  

Then take all of your circles and gather them up.  I used twizzers and used a fireplace lighter to singe the edges of the tulle.  I wish I had a tea light or candle, but with little ones in the house it is not something I keep around.  When singing your tulle it is perfectly okay to be uneven.  
After I finished singeing the ends of all my circles I stacked them on top of one another and they really just worked.  I saw a video where once the flower was assembled she used a heat gun to gather the flower even more.  I only stacked 10 circles.  I may use more or less depending on how it looks.  

As you know from my previous posts I love to craft with the items I have here in my home.  I don't really like to make purchases if I don't need to.  I think if you were going to make these it would be supper cute to use different colors of tulle.  RED, BLACK, and WHITE.  With a crystal center, or an antique button that has a Gothic look.  I used brads from my scrapbooking supply.  This would look great on a scrapbook page, card, hair pin, or even attached to a gift.  I want to see your projects.  Link them below in a comment.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Altered Wood block photo holder

I don't know what these things are called...I am guessing they are wooden block photo holders but I picked up 4  for a $1 at Micheal's last week in the clearance section.  Wish they had more.  I made a soccer theme on for a friend, A local high school mascot for a friend's senior daughter, did a teacher theme one, and then this one I sort of VAMPED out this one.
Materials I used for this project.
wooden block
2 different scraps of black paper,  (one gingham, the other poka dots)
for my little accessory I glittered up 2 flower die cuts I had and attached them.

1.  Measure the strips of paper to adhear to the blogs.  I personally didn't make the paper go all othe way to the very edge.  I used paint to hide the raw edges of wood.  Super easy....
I covered all sides of the wood block....pulling out the silver spiralss and re-glueing them back when I was done adding a little bead at the top as well...

easy craft...

I also made a matching birdhouse.  It was also a twenty five cent craft. The photo block makes a great gift because you can do anything to them.  

my little girl did a pink birdhouse as well...I gave her an old paint brush and some elmers glue...then she tore strips of pink and attahed them to the house.  We let the house dry for over 24 hours and I removed any pieces that fell over...I thought it was cute and it also kept her busy.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Easy Chicken Salad

I have had a long day, and I needed to go to the store for dinner.
My local supermarket had take out Whole Rotisserie Chicken on sale for $3.99.  My family doesn't really like chicken on the bone.  So I thought.  I could make Chicken Salad.  Find your favorite chicken salad recipe.  I love apples in my chicken salad on toasted wheat bread ,and so do my children.  I diced honey crisp apples, but braeburn apples are great as well.  I also add celery, cilantro, scallions, mayo, hard boiled egg, a touch of ranch dressing and just a touch of mayo.  I served the sandwiches with a side of grapes.... also on sale.  Healthiest meal all week, and very tasty.

Just a note, your whole foods and central market stores have free range chickens, and organic chicken.

I really bumbed it was all eaten before I could take a photo.

Take your Rotisserie Chicken and pull off your white meat chicken, I found that it came off quite easily.  No need for a knife.  Dinner took about 25 minutes most of the time taken to cut up the items for the salad.  I have purchase pre-made Chicken Salad at the store but it doesn't really taste really good.  This chicken salad was great and all gone.  No left overs.  I was also happy that the salad was made with fresh ingredients.  Did I mention that is was super easy.  I just had to take a moment to share.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

RAK for one of my followers.

I surprised a Vampire Craftin Follower with a blog makeover or a RAK (random act of kindness).  I had so much fun with my blog, and didn't want the fun to end....  I am so excited she wasn't offended that I wanted to make her blog over.  I love her blog she has the greatest ideas and challanges to keep your creative juices flowing.  check it out.
the blog included a background, banner, logo, and blog button
This was just a sample.  Twilight was misspelled but the blog is correct.

Stampin Twilight Mom

Want me to VAMP our your blog check me out on etsy....

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NEW blog Design

Don't be alarmed my friends.  I have changed my blog layout.   I hope you don't mind and it hasn't caused any confusion. 
So...... What do you think?  

Friday, April 1, 2011

Autism SUCKS

April is Autism Awareness Month.  I am a mother of a child with Autism.  I took my love of Vampire and distaste for Autism and made my own little logo.  I am attaching a Awareness Button on the side bar for all of my vampire fans....Feel free to use it.

I have also opened a cafe press shop with the image if you are interested.....

I would love to CHALLENGE you to make a VAMPIRE SUCKS themed Craft.  You must combine Autism & Vampires.  Feel free to let your imagination go... Let me know so I can feature Product on my blog and Facebook page for the month of April. Let's spread some awareness and have some fun.  

Kel from Crafty Twilight Mom took my Autism Awareness challange.  I am attaching her wonderful Scrapbook page.