Thursday, June 28, 2012


While at my local Micheal's store I saw an advertisement for a new show that would be premiering on TLC.  CRAFT WARS.  I don't watch reality TV shows but this one seems right up my alley.

The show is hosted and executive produced by, Tori Spelling and sponsored by Michaels, the show pits crafters against each other, challenging them to use an assortment of supplies to make unique, crafts. Contestants will be able to use Themed materials and just about any crafting supply imaginable of from the Michael's Craft Closet.  Contests also get a craft helper (from home) for the POP challenge and Craft WARS provides craft helpers for the final challenge.

The first episode was called , “Summer School”.  I loved the format the contestants were given the 2 challenges the Pop Craft Challenge was to create a fashion-forward duffle bag out of sports equipment, and one hour to complete the challenge.    
As far as the crafts that were produced from the provided materials all of the bags FAILED in my eyes.

This first bag was the one that was eliminated.  
This bag sucked  the bottom was made out of a tennis racket...
she hot glued it to the bottom., and it was not at all functional
and the T on the front looks like S#*T.  I wouldn't carry this bag...

UGLY HOT MESS  The only thing I like about this bag is the balls.
Holes were drilled in the base balls, with a wiffle ball in the middle

WINNER this was the winning bag.  The bag was unfinished but
I think it was the most functional of all of the bags
.I loved the leather corners made from footballs.
The straps were made from a karate belt.

One of the contestants was eliminated. Then, the final two must impress the judges in their crafting challenge of a lifetime, The Master Craft, where they must create a playhouse out of school supplies. 

This was a HOT MESS...It was supposed to look like a School BUS
and she Modged Podged FABRIC outside and inside the house and it
was UGLY.   But it was fun to watch the challenged be completed.  
This was the winning design and it was very cute...She made the window boxes out of pincils
The shutters out or Rulers.  It was cute and it was fun to watch 
I was impressed with the and I think the best crafter won... 

I plan on staying GLUED to the show and hopefully get some great ideas from the show...
WHERE DO I SIGN UP as a contestant?  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scrapbook Layout #4

I used the same layout inspiration for this page as I used for Scrapbook Layout #3 (see in the post below) it is amazing how you can use the same exact layout, and produce two very different pages.  I will defiantly use the same skecth more than once in the future.  All you need is different paper and embleshments to change an entire design.  I used the inspiration for this sketch design from the ScrapFit Blog.

The paper is a paper pack I purchased from my Tuesday morning for just $2.99  it had over 50 different papers and even more stickers.  I have used most of them and I am tring to use every bit I have left. The scallops at the bottom of the frame, and the white parenthesis on the top of one of frames have a completely different pattern on the other side I was happy that the back of the paper was white...The rest of the elements are stickers...The title was made from 2 different rub-on letter packs.

Scrapbook Page #3

I am going strong on my summer scrapbooking. 
 I have completed 10 pages since my last post on June 20th

My layout was inspired by the ScrapFIT Blog.  With so many layouts to do I need all of the inspiration I can get.  The paper I used was from an army paper pack I purchased from Hobby Lobby.  it is filled with lots of goodies....all of the elements are paper or stickers from this pack.  I will do the journaling later on....I was thinking of asking my teen to do his own journaling...that was the page means more..

This is my first time scanning in a page...I hope it looks okay...

I used the sample layout inspiration to complete Scrapbook Page #4

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Scrapbook Layout #2

My scrapbooking summer project is going great since my last post on June 8th I have completed about 10 layouts.  I started with my least favorite scrapbooking subject....Christmas.  So I did all of my Christmas layouts and Gingerbread house (a yearly tradition) layouts.  I found it much easier to work on my page by keeping a page on my counter and walking by and working on it a little at a time....Mounting a photo here and there and adding journalling and stickers as I could....

The Challenge from one of my favorite blogs SCRAPFIT was to develop your own polriod photo and I thought it was brilliant and I am mad I didn't think of it before.  I made the entire layout out of supplies in my left over folder.

To make the poloaroids I cut my photo to a square 4x4  I then mounted the photos on white cardstock with a Quarter inch boarder all the way except on the bottom where I left almost a one inch boarder.  I couldn't believe how it looked just like a polaroid.  It would be perfect for those instagram type photos or black and white photos everyone is using.  I wanted to try this out on lots of my other projects BUT I couldn't find any photos that would make a great SQUARE....  All of the die cuts were from one of those cheap pre-die cut paper packs I got on clearance, and the letters were a modge podge of lots of things I had left over. The green cardstock in the middle of the page was a scrap piece I have been saving for a rainy day.... I wasn't sure if it was the correct grammer but oh well....

Friday, June 8, 2012

SCRAPBOOK Layout: #1

I have 3 kids and about 100 scrapbook pages to finish by the end of the summer.  Since it is going to be a big part of my summer I hope you don't mind me posting my creations here.

My idea inspiration comes from HERE it is a blog called scrapfit, it is a great blog to use for inspiration..  The challenge was to use up your stickers in a fun & creative way!

I came up with my own custom layout and I am going to use it on as many designs this month as I can.  I am hoping this will catch me up on some of my layouts...I am adding a vampire inspired layout to my designs so stay tuned....I have lots of stickers....

All you need for this design is.
2 photos
Sheet of Stickers
1 sheet of 12x12 cardstock
and 2 sheet of colored paper, perfect for left overs.....
some sort of glue and popdots if you have them.

Here is my design.  At a local school we had a ARMY helicopter land so the kids could get a close look at one close up.  The paper and the stickers came from a ARMY paper pack I purchased from Hobby Lobby.  My son is in JROTC and I knew the pack would come in hand for all of his extracurricular activities.  I am so happy I could use it for my daughters layout.

After putting my base paper together I then matted my photos, and placed them on the page.  I then used a helicopter sticker and premade sticker title and placed them on the page.  I also added a circle sticker in the upper left hand corner.  All of the elements are also stickers.

THE STARS....I placed 2 stickers on the page and then used a sticky yellow string scrap I had and just free handed it on the top of the page.  I took the stars and put them on a scrap sheet of white cardstock and trimmed the stars out.  I then used pop dots to give the stars some demention on the page and placed them along the yellow sticky string.

HINT.  When you use pop dots use the entire sheet not just the dots....I used the dot in the center of the middle of the stars and then used the left over sides pieces to hold up the star points.  I hate to waste.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Simple Summer Salad

I asked my husband to purchase some preshredded cole slaw at the store so I could make some cole slaw for lunches.   He istead purchased this bag of broccoli slaw.   I made my own little recipie and it was a huge hit and I had to share it with you.  Now that I think about it I should have taken a better photo...

Bag of Broccoli Slaw
Can of Sweet corn (drained)
Can of Black beans (drained, and Rinsed)
Fresh chopped Cilantro
2 Lemon
Lemon Zest
2 Limes
1 tablespoon White Wine Vinegar

Empty the bag of broccoli slaw in a mixing bowl and add the drained corn, and Black beans.  Then add the juice of your lemons, and limes.  Zest from one half of one of the lemons.  Lastly one table spoon of white wine vinegar.  Mix well.

I served this salad plain, and then used it to top a shrimp taco.  It is fresh and clean and good for you to..ENJOY

Funny Commercial

I saw this commercial and I couldn't help but laugh.

REVIEW: The Great American Scrapbooking Convention

This weekend with baby in tow I went for the millionth time to the Great American Scrapbooking Convention.  This was the first year I went as just a patron I usually always go just to go to a crop or a class, and then visit the sales floor.  My personal opinion is that it wasn't worth going as a patron.  It cost $5 to park and $10 to get in.  I only spent spent $15 and got some great deals but when you factor in my parking and admission I didn't really get a good deal on my products.

here is their website.

I was able to get some paper kits at one vendor for $1.50  It included 2 sheets of Name brand paper (like bo bunny,Disney and harry potter) and matching stickers, and then lots of stickers and establishments for the price of $1 or less.  More than ever before the sales floor was dominated by membership scrapbooking clubs where the pages were already done just add your photos, and they are expensive.  There are also lots of precut lazer die companies so if that is what you want then it is really good....I didn't find as many bargins as I had hoped..It was nice to get out of the house but a little of a disappointment.