Friday, July 22, 2011

Bill's T-Shirt

I am so jealous of all of you who got to go to Comic Con 2011.  How much fun, a dream come true for a nerd like me.  I just watched the tureblood panel on HBO go.  I can't wait for the upcoming season.  Anna was stunning in the red dress she was wearing.  But I really love Steven's Shirt.  It says "I Love You when you are not trying to Mastermind my downfall"  lol.  Doesn't that just scream Bill.  You can find his shirt here.  Warning it is about $80. It even looks like it is in the TB font.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

True Blood Quilt

In last Sunday's Episode of TrueBlood "I'm Alive and on Fire" (Season 4) Sookie covers Eric with a lovely Red Quilt after he went for a swim in the daylight.  I thought how pretty I love the red with simple embordeiry.  After some searching I found the quilt and it is available for purchase  HERE.  So funny It is made by Better Homes and Gardens and you can find it at Wal-mart for under $70.  Not bad to have the look of the set of TrueBlood in your home.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sookie Quilt Block by Mandy

I love to see it when people use my patterns.  Mandy Posted this on her Flicker account and I love it.  She did a WAY better job than I did and I love her colors....Love the quilting.

Here was my pattern...

Thanks Mandy.  Click on the links to see what Mandy's did as well as all of her other work..

Sookie Block by Mandy
Another Sookie Block by Mandy

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hello Blood Talk FANS

Hey,  I was on Blood Talk Radio with Dallas from Loving True Blood in Dallas.  I always listen on Podcast but this was my first time being on live and in the chat room... it was a blast.  If you missed it you can listen here.  Let me know what you think.

It was so much fun.  This radio show takes place every Sunday Night at 9:30 right after the show...I will be back in the chat room soon on the next show it was so much fun...

If you were listening tonight.  I do design blogs...for blogger, and word press....You would make my day if you allowed me to work on a blog that wasn't all pink and sparkly.

Here is my Graphic Design Shop...It is VAMPIRECRAFIN as well.  
You can find me on Twitter...@vampirecraftin
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I want to follow you right back so leave me a comment or send me an email at vampirecraftin at gmail

Sam Merlotte's Cross Stitch

I am getting started on my True Blood Cross Stitch Project.  This is my Sam Merlotte's Dog.  I tried to do make a pattern of a pile of clothes with a flannel shirt but just couldn't figure out.  This was a pretty simple project great for a beginner.

I have a few coming up before the end of season 4...
Adele (sookie's gran)
Lou Pines Bar
and Eric

What would you like to see me do on my project?

Stamping on Ribbon

I am always in search of a diffrent and unique way to make my handmade cards.  I altered this vampire stamp in my last post.  This is my first project with him.  Isn't he cute?

Card Stock
Decorative paper
1-3 inch wide ribbon (depends on your stamp size)
Ink (permanent)

I first started by making my blank card the folded size is 4.25 x 5.5 I then cut a decorative sheet of paper down to 4x5.25 and attached it to the front of the card.

Take your ribbon and black some scrap-paper on the back and stamp your image.  This is a great way to test your image to see if it works. they way you want.  I loved the texture it offered an otherwise plain image, or plain ribbon.  Then attach your ribbon the the card.  I hope you enjoy...I would love to see your finished projects...

This project has lots of uses....Just make sure to use perminate ink.  If you use just plain ole black ink it smudges.

Customize a Rubber Stamp

Halloween is just around the corner.  One of my faviorite times to shop is the day after halloween when everything is on clearance.  It is the only time of year I can find fun and interesting craft supplies.  I hear alot in the media about this Vampire Craze sweeping the nation.  You wouldn't know it to look at the sheleves at the craft store.   I am not a fan of the Cutesy Halloween Junk.  So I really have to dig to find what I like.  While at Micheal's I found this Vampire Stamp in the $1 stamp bin.  I liked the vampire , but I didn't like the wording.  

I pulled the rubber off of the back of the stamp and cleaned the blog with a glue be gone but you can use anything.   You have on hand. Then cut the words from the vampire image.  Don't use your GOOD fabric scissors for this.  

Once you have cut your vampire out you can now glue it back on your block with the E6000 glue (same tube I have used for the last projects) .  I let mine dry over night and I put a heavy can good on top to apply constant pressure while it drys.  

I want to see your altered stamps if you make one.  Remember to look in the $1 or clearance bins.  The best place to find Vampire Stamps is at Hallloween and the day after Halloween.  Don't forget to use your coupons.  All of the craft stores in my city have 50% off coupons each week.  I even sign up to receive coupons from my local craft stores.  

Saturday, July 9, 2011

V-Moda V-80 Headphones.

I have FANGTASTIC news.  You can get your V-80's for 20% Off.  
Just visit the V-Moda Store Add to the cart
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chocolate Anatomical Heart

My husband just returned from a business trip and brought me an awesome gift.  An Anatomical Chocolate Heart.  I can't bear to eat it.  It is so pretty.  He found it at Mueller in Pennsylvania, Here is their website.  It is solid chocolate. What a great gift....And it made it through security.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Bon Temps Wine Glasses

Here down south there is a conversation piece that is gathering lots of attention.  They are called "Redneck Wine Glasses"  When I saw them my first thought was that they look like something you see at A Bon Temp gift shop.  How fun!  Perfect for a True Blood Watching Party.  They are so EASY to make.

You will need:
Mason Jars or Canning Jars (about $7-$12 per dozen)
Candle Sticks (got mine a a dollar store for a $1 they are glass)
E6000 (I use this on lots of I get lots of use from this glue)
fine grit sand paper (not required)

Here is how to make it:
*Sand the top of the candle stick, and the bottom of the jar.
* Place a bead of E600 glue on the top of the candle allow to stand for a few minutes then apply the candle stick to the bottom of the jar.

*Allow 48 hours before using.   I put books on them just to add pressure when they were drying.  This is on the safe side.  The glasses are dishwasher safe, but I see many people saying hand washing is recommended.

I love these Glasses.  Having a lid is great for outside gatherings.  Keeps the flies away.  This is an awesome way to upcycle any jars and candle sticks you have...Ask Grandma....Look at garage sales....It would be fun to re-purpose some jars....and candlesticks...No one really uses these candlesticks anymore..

Don't feel like making this yourself there are lots of Etsy Sellers selling these for about $5 per glass or about $15 per pair.  It is so easy to make.....

Here are some drink recipies for drinks for these jars.
Sangria.  Google it.  I love to use peaches, Peach Fresica.
Red Beer.  Beer with Tomato juice
Apple Pie Moonshine.  Home made popular in the south
Iced Tea add fruit flavoring.
Long Island Iced Tea
A bottle of True Blood