Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sookie Stackhouse Quilt Block

I used my Cross stitch pattern and made a Applique Quilt block pattern for Sookie Stackhouse.  I had a hard time with the Merlotte's logo.  I used embroidery floss and made my own, I thought  of using a T-shirt transfer, but I wasn't sure how it would work out. (maybe a fairy godmother out there will send me a machine embroidery logo to replace this one, and make my year)  I plan on making a block for each character, so stay tuned.  OR follow my blog.  I am defiantly a Quilt Beginner, but my grandmother is a master and I have worked with her for years.  This project didn't take that long, maybe an hour. 

Step 1: The pattern


Dark Green Calico (Background
Yellow for Sookie’s hair
Flesh colored fabric….(remember Sookie has tan.)
All White for the T-shirt.  Get a thick fabric.  Then one I used was thin
White Bias Tape.
T-Shirt transfer for Merlotte’s logo. Or Embroidery Thread for Merlottee’s logo

Step 2: Cut your pieces
Cut out your pieces. Cut a backer out of the green. Cut the white t-shirt and the neck. Go ahead and fold the edges of the neck over and affix them down with starch or heat bond.  The hardest part of this project is folding and setting the seams. 

Attach bias tape around the neck line with Heat bond or starch.
Step 3: Assemble

Add Hair

Finish with boarder.

I then stitched on the Merlotte’s logo with a hidden back stitch.  And made the logo with embroidery floss but you can also use T-shirt transfer paper.

The above finished size is 5x5.  My finished block will be 6x6, with green boarder.  I plan to make one a block for each character.  More of a reason to follow this blog.
I want to see your project.  Add a comment with a link to a photo of your project....OR email a photo of your project I would love to check it out. 

NEED MORE HELP.  Check out this tutorial about Appliqueing.  It will help alot.  This is the only way to Applique

Below.  This was my 1st attempt. 


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