Monday, July 4, 2011

Bon Temps Wine Glasses

Here down south there is a conversation piece that is gathering lots of attention.  They are called "Redneck Wine Glasses"  When I saw them my first thought was that they look like something you see at A Bon Temp gift shop.  How fun!  Perfect for a True Blood Watching Party.  They are so EASY to make.

You will need:
Mason Jars or Canning Jars (about $7-$12 per dozen)
Candle Sticks (got mine a a dollar store for a $1 they are glass)
E6000 (I use this on lots of I get lots of use from this glue)
fine grit sand paper (not required)

Here is how to make it:
*Sand the top of the candle stick, and the bottom of the jar.
* Place a bead of E600 glue on the top of the candle allow to stand for a few minutes then apply the candle stick to the bottom of the jar.

*Allow 48 hours before using.   I put books on them just to add pressure when they were drying.  This is on the safe side.  The glasses are dishwasher safe, but I see many people saying hand washing is recommended.

I love these Glasses.  Having a lid is great for outside gatherings.  Keeps the flies away.  This is an awesome way to upcycle any jars and candle sticks you have...Ask Grandma....Look at garage sales....It would be fun to re-purpose some jars....and candlesticks...No one really uses these candlesticks anymore..

Don't feel like making this yourself there are lots of Etsy Sellers selling these for about $5 per glass or about $15 per pair.  It is so easy to make.....

Here are some drink recipies for drinks for these jars.
Sangria.  Google it.  I love to use peaches, Peach Fresica.
Red Beer.  Beer with Tomato juice
Apple Pie Moonshine.  Home made popular in the south
Iced Tea add fruit flavoring.
Long Island Iced Tea
A bottle of True Blood


  1. them! Perfect for any party! TFS

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