About ME

I am a work at home mom of 3 with an obsession with Vampires and the Supernatural.  As a mom my days are full animated cartoons such as My little Pony, Blues Clues Transformers and Superheros.  I sing all of the kids songs, and I needed an outlet for my darker side.  That is how my  blog was born.  You will find lots of crafts inspired by my favorite shows, vampires, and other vamp-ed/goth-ed out crafts.  BUT sometimes I will craft about other things...

I was raised by my grandmother and she was an avid crafter.  Everything was always handmade gifts, Halloween costumes, gifts and food. I am familiar with all sorts of methods of crafting and love to explore new tools an techniques and share them with you.  I don't sell any of my crafts...but if you see something you must have Please let me know. (my closet gets full)

I try to UPCYCLE whenever possible.  It saves money and the environment.  No need to waste. All of my crafts are easy to complete, even if you don't consider yourself a crafter. My crafts are also cost effective to make and create.

My favorite show on TV is True Blood but I also enjoy Being Human US, Vampire Dairies, Buffy & Angel, Teen Wolf , The Walking Dead and Grimm.  I love the movies Twilight, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter, and anything in the Action adventure Sci-Fi Genres.  Please let know if you have completed one of my crafts and send me a photo....I would love to see it.