Friday, May 20, 2011

Alternative bottle cap necklace

I have seen hundreds of different bottle cap necklaces all are fabulous.     This is an alternative to the everyday bottle caps.

You will need
*bottle cap
*sead beads
*E600 glue or modge podge glue
*mode podge dimensional magic
*bubble letters
*1 inch die cut makes things easy
(note instead of the bubble you can use those glass marble things...that have a flat side...Just print a letter or photo to go under your marble. I am not sure what they are called. So sue me)

1.  You will need to diecut a circle to fit in your bottle cap, and then attach you paper to the bottle cap.  Be sure to center the bubble letter.  Once you have done this add your bubble letter on top.  You will have a well of space all the way around your bottle cap to place your beads.

2.  Fill the space around the edges with your modge podge dimensional magic.  Not to much just a little bit.  then add your sead beads.  I move them around with my tooth pick.  Keep building them up until they reach the brim on your bottle cap

3.  Once you are happy with the arrangement then add more dimensional magic on top, and allow it to dry overnight.

This is a great project for you to do with a child.  My little one was 3 and she really liked putting the little beads inside the cap.


  1. LOVE LOVE these!! your so crafty!

  2. Really you have wonderful ideas about the art and craft. Share some more ideas about the use of the bottle caps. Eagerly waiting for your response.

  3. The above shown are the beautiful examples of the bottle cap necklaces.