Friday, March 4, 2011

Awesome Tree Pendants

Did you know I had a day job.  I have my own etsy store Vampire Craftin .  I sell my Graphic design Creations.  Most of my customers want me to design Blogs and Etsy Shop Sets.   Most of the time I am stuck designing pink poka dot cupcake banners, or grandma knitting shops (no offence to my pink poka dot loving grandmas).   I get kinda frustrated because folks don't really want to BRAND their business with a logo.  They want to do a cookie cutter design that everyone else is doing.  Occasionally, I get the chance to meet really neat artists.  I am honored with their amazing talent they let me design their business logos.  I designed this shop for The Tessy Tree and she said...."Check out my art, and make something to set me apart."  Below is what I came up with.  She designs fantastic works of art you can wear.

Stef at The Tessy Tree.

You seriously have to check out her art.  Better yet Visit Freckle Lips Stef at The Tessy Tree is giving away one of her awesome ONE OF A KIND necklaces.  Check the Freckle Lips blog for more information....The necklace is perfect for a Vampire a Fan.
If you make a purchase please let her know I referred you.  Maybe she will sponsor a Vampire Craftin giveaway one day!  April or May I should have my 100th post.... I love this necklace how cool if I can win...How cool if one of my followers could win.  You should enter...Let me know if you win?  You know I will tell you if I do.....
 I love all of her designs, but I picked 2 my fellow vamp fans can sink their teeth into.  .
She creates these tree pendants that are Awesome.  Can you believe under $30... YOU HAVE TO CHECK THEM OUT.

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  1. Go Stefanee!!!! I LOVE her stuff, her trees are beautiful! I ordered a pea pod necklace from The Tessy Tree and absolutely LOVE it!