Thursday, March 31, 2011

Camera Strap

I recently Purchased a Camera Strap and I love it.  I wanted to tell you about it because how often am I ever going to say that I VAMPED out my Camera.

Hey Yall' I Vamped out my camera (in my Texas accent)

Erin is with The Pretty Chicky Boutique She is having a sale on her camera straps.  Only $12 Check it out.  Let her know if you want a Vamped on like mine... You can follow her on Facebook as well.  She designs metal stamped Jewelry as well and she is having a sale.  She says she has a Vamp one coming that I will love.  I will post it later.


  1. Awesome strap, can not wait to see the jewelry!

  2. love it...loveit.. I am SO going to go check it out.. vamp power!! LOL