Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sookie Stackhouse Cross Stitch

I am so proud of myself, and it doesn't happen often.  I created and completed a cross stitch pattern.  I saw so many patterns on line and purchased one from etsy.  I got the pattern and began working on it...It took weeks and when I was finished it did not look right....Nothing like the photo.  The lady who sold it to me obviously just pulled a stock photo up and used a software program to make the pattern....She never actually worked the pattern herself.  AND getting off my soap box it didn't work.

So here is my pattern.  I wish I had a pattern to give....but I completely made it up from my Applique block.  I hope you enjoy.

I am using the same pattern to created a Applique Quilt block of Sookie Stackhouse.  I will post it soon.


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  1. Wow. This is fantastic. I looooooooooove True Blood too.