Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Altered Composition Notebook

It is almost time for the kids back to school. I get so excited when August back to school ads post each year, because that means it is time to stock up on Craft Supplies. (Oh and getting my kids school supplies as well) There are always such great deals. I found some composition notebooks for .25cents. Glue sticks and map pencils for under $1.

So I decided to use two of my purchases. I am Altering a Composition Notebook.


Glue Stick
Scrapbooking paper (8 1/2 x 11 is best but any size is fine)
Scrap Ribbon (You don't need that much)
Embellishments of your choice...Love is a sticker I found in the Clearance Section at Hobby Lobby
The "faux" Crochet Flower I found while blog hopping. Daniel Flanders has a "how to "posted on her blog. It is super easy to follow and understand. It is extremely sturdy for any craft. Perfect for this notebook, cards, and your scrapbook pages.

Altering a Composition notebooks is easy. Using a glue stick cover all of your book. (not the spine) then glue your scrapbook paper down as you wish. I used 2 different papers. On the seam of the 2 pages I used ribbon I affixed with glue dots. The FAUX flower with regular glue. You can find lots of "how to's" online. I figured there were SO many why add my own.

Happy Craftin


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