Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pam Ravencroft Cross Stitch

Don't you just love Pam? She is one of a kind.  When things are tense she offers just the right balance for the story in the books and on the TV.  No one really compares.  One of my the most memorable lines from Pam is when she tells Eric. "But these are my favorite pumps." after he asks her to go look in the woods for Sookie's attacker in Season 2.  I logged on all of that week hoping favorite blog would tell me what pump Pam was wearing so I can do an inspired craft.  Loving True Blood in Dallas never lets me down.  Took me awhile but better late than never.

Pam's favorite pumps were from Betsy Johnson they are called Risky.(Would they be called anything else?)  There is one in all black as well....I love the all black ones!

So to pay homage to Pam's Pumps, may they rest in Peace. 

If you want the pattern follow my blog and email me at Vampire Craftin at gmail and I will send you a pattern.  It is really easy and small I only used about 4 flosses on a 14 pt fabric.  I think it is 45 wide by 30 tall.  Stay tuned for more.  I am have lined up projects for Bill, Lorena, Sam, Jason, Sophie-Ann and Alcide.  I need ideas as well.  Pam was easy.....but what for all of the other characters???? Help me out!

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