Wednesday, August 18, 2010

EASY and FAST crochet BLanket

I found a really easy and FAST crochet method that works really great for, me and I thought I would tell.  I was given and old (N-15) Crochet needle, and thought what can you crochet with that.  You would need a super thick yarn.  My mother-in-law then informed me that you can put 2 to 3 yarns together and make an Afghan. 

SO, I gathered my 3 fav colors.  RED, WHITE, and BLACK.  All the same name brand...wound them together and MAN is it a fast way to crochet.  One block did the work of what it would normally take to do 2.   I ran out of yarn but I almost have a 24x24 piece created.  I have gotten so much done in such a little time.   Not to mention the colors ROCK. 

I was thinking this would be neat to do for a School Colors for a college student, or pro football team colors.  Or 3 shades of RED.....The Red, White, and Black combo work if you are gift giving for a True Blood or Twilight Fan.  I also would love to see a scarf made like this.  I bet you could get alot done.....

OH Perfect for Harry Potter Fans.  Do a scarf.  The characters always have scarfs.  I will jot that one down for later. 

I am making 7x7 granny squares and putting them together to make a blanket.   I am sure any method would be great.  I will not be putting alot of attention into this so granny squares work great.  There are tons of granny square patterns and tutorials.out there. 

I will keep you posted.  I know this could be finished in like a month if I really worked on it....but I am busy getting crafts ready for the blog.....Let me know if you do this....I want to see your blankets. 

Now is an awesome time to get started on those holiday gifts. 


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  1. I made a basket liner using a big hook and 4 stands of yarn. I was thinking about making a giant granny square blanket and this gave hope that it is possible! Gotta get a start on Christmas gifts! Will def bookmark this (if I'm can figure out how to on my phone lol)