Thursday, August 19, 2010

Coffee Corset

One thing I love more than Vampires is Coffee (and Dr.Pepper). Me without coffee = a horror movie.

I got the idea for this craft from one of my blog followers Lilja.  She made a fabric cupcake wrap from my pattern.  Then a few days later posted a corset she had made.  Then it just clicked.  Nothing says sexy vampire like a corset.  So I knew what I would be making.  A coffee corset.  (little did I know until after this posting that there are hundreds out there.  They have also already come up with the name coffee corset.  I hope this one is easy for you to duplicate on your own, and a bit diffrent.)

I usually make my own coffee, and it is my opinion......but if you don’t have coffee from a coffee press than you are missing out. (my 2 cents) I rarely purchase coffee outside of my home. It just doesn’t taste right. I live in Texas, and coffee around here tastes like mud, or chemical waste.  If you purchase coffee in town  the Gas station is my only option. Yes. I said it. The gas station. It is only .99 cents. I don’t do starbucks. I am cheap.

So It is over 100 degrees and what do I do. I go buy hot coffee so I can test out a new pattern for a Coffee Corset.   I have seen tons of designs and I thought they were very nice. I would love to get one as a gift. But I thought it should be easier than some of patterns I saw…..I thought felt would be better than batting. Batting sometimes bunches.... AND you don’t have to have a sewing machine you can do this by hand.  BELOW IS ONE I DID WITH BATTING, and Velcro.  I didn't like it...boring..

I have been working on this all week. I have tried tons of designs and this one was the easiest for me.  I really had fun with this craft and used SCRAPS.  So I didn't need to purchase any supplies.  

Materials you will need:
A sheet of felt.
Matching Fabric Scraps are great.
4 grommets.
Twine or thin ribbon
Pinking sheers (if you have them.) if not try ric rac or Gothic lace to make a boarder. 
Needle and thread…..or sewing machine.
Coffee Sleeve. (I will scan and upload my design soon.)

Trace your coffee sleeve to make a pattern.

  1. Pin your pattern down on your fabric, and cut it out.
  2. Pin your fabric down on a matching piece of felt. And sew around your fabric. There is no need to tuck your fabric under. It is not going anywhere. If washed your coffee corset the edges will fray but I think that is going to look neat…. I tucked my ends, but I didn't need to.  When you wash your coffee corset remove the ribbon….You can use 2 sheets of felt. I have drank 3 cups of coffee with just 1 sheet and it is just perfect.
  3. After you have sewn around your fabric cut the felt slightly above with Pinking sheers. (note this is NOT decorative paper scissors.) It will leave a neat boarder. If you don’t have Pinking sheers. Just trim around free hand. I think the whimsical look is Classic.  Or as I suggested above use ric rac or a Gothic lace to make a boarder.
  4. Put your grommets in the back of the sleeve. I have a crop-a-dle made this task super easy….I used 4 grommets.  2 on each side...You can do with you wish.  You can't use the small grommets.  You have to use one that will go threw and secure felt with fabric. 
  5. Lace your corset, and attach to your coffee.


When I searched on the web for these coffee (sleeves, cozies) they all had decorations. Many were decorated with buttons and flowers and other bobbles. I made one with a sequin rose on it, and one with a Iron on initial. And it was really annoying trying to use it. When you grab a coffee cup your hands go half way around your cup. If you are busy reading or using the computer you may or may not always grab in in a certain way.

I say get a very bold decorative fabric. (since you only need a small amount of fabric you can splurge) If you feel the need to decorate it use felt or something you can easily grasp. You can also make a decorative statement with stitching. Use a decorative stitch . (swirls, diagonal lines. Even sew an initial.

To decorate mine I used left over felt to cut easy designs. I sewed around my felt designs to hold them down. I even sewed little lines to look like teeth on the top near the fangs. (I wasn’t sure if you could tell) Felt works great to grab the cup and I had no problems with it.

I want to see your designs. Email them to me....or post a link in the comment. 

As far as closures.  I saw alot of great ideas.  Since this is a Vampire CRAFT website.  I did a corset.  You can use Velcro....But again this is a hot cup of coffee.  I don't trust Velcro...did make one and it kind moved around.


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  1. I just have to tell you how impressed with you. All these projects. You are really talented. I could maybe do one of these types of crafts, but you excel in so many things. I just wanted you to know I was impressed, and I love your blog, you always have great well written instructions, and pictures. I plan on using it to show my students an example of authentic writing.

    Happy Crafting!