Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sookie Stackhouse Pen Craft

What I love about Craftin' the Sookie Stackhouse Character is the EXTREMELY distinguishable outfit.  I can craft anything to resemble the character because you can't mistake the White T-Shirt Blonde hair pulled to the side in a pony tail, and the short shorts with a green logo at the top.  When I was in girl scouts we made these pens we called pen pals.  And I thought it would be a neat craft for back to school.  You can really do anything with these pens you just need imagination.
You will need the following for this craft.
Round Barrel pen
Flesh Embroidery floss
Black Embroidery floss
White Embroidery floss
Tooth Picks

Begin at the top or the bottom of the barrel of the pen and wrap your embroidery floss around the pen so the barrel of the pen disappears.  Spot glue as you go.  Allow to dry and set

Hair.  Wrap yellow floss around tooth picks, and dip in water allowing them to dry.  Once they dry and you remove them from the tooth picks your pen pal will have curly hair. 

Cut the sharp points of  2 tooth picks off , and glue to the top of the pen where the shoulders would be. 

Wrap white floss around the top of the tooth picks to resemble shoulders.  Be sure to add small amounts of glue and allow it to dry.    Add the hair to the top and allow to dry.

I added the green logo with a green sharpie pen.  I have in the past added beds for necklaces.  Super easy craft. 


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