Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bil Compton Cross Stitch

This is my second Cross Stich pattern in my True Blood Series..  It didn't really match the Sookie one I did earlier.  So while I am going to keep this one.   I am going to do something a bit diffrent for Bill, in my series collection.  I thought I would post this one for you to see.  This pattern would be really neat on a black canvas bag.   I think I will custom mat and frame it but I am not sure.  I used a 14 count cross stitch fabric, and it is 50x50.  This was a really, really fast pattern to complete. I was inspired with the stensil created by Andy Swist.  I had to change it up a bit to work as a cross stitch pattern.  You can find his art here...


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  1. You're very talented indeed. Keep up the great work!