Friday, July 30, 2010

CupCake Wrappers

I did a quick design on some cupcake wrapers.  I didn't want to purchase anything so I just used what was on hand.  I think wrapping cupcakes is such a good idea.  I love the simplicty of just useing pretty paper, but you can really go crazy with the idea.  My template is a PNG and you would be able to make a digital layout of your cupcake wrapper.  I ask that if you post it on your blog and website you give credit to my website please.  I was able to test it in LOTS of programs worked like a charm.

To add the red scalp edge I just used some paper scisors cut on the ark of the cupcake wrap template.

The thought of useing glue around food....a litttle yuck thought.  I used glue dots.  But you can also use brads or eyelets to hold the wraper shut.

I would love to see your cupcake wrappers.  Email them to me at vampirecraftin at gmail. or post a link back to your blog in the comments.  Happy Craftin.


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  1. These cupcake wrappers are awesome! So pretty.