Monday, July 26, 2010

Shadow Box Project: Bella's Room

I was given a Shadow Box last month and I have completed my 1st project.  One down and 11 to go. My goal for this box was to recreate Bella's room.  It would have been EASY for me just to print out scenes from the movie and be done, but that is not my style. 

I don't claim to have duplicated the room exactly.  I had a blast doing it and I am happy with my results.  I quilled all of the furniture, and used a color copier for the artwork and bedding.   I am not sure where you would get the shadow box, and if you need any help just drop me an email.  My blog name at gmail not spaces.  I would love to see your projects.  Please email me a photo....or post a link to your blog below so I can check it out. 

My 1st step was to look at photos of Bella's room online and re watch the movies. (any excuse to watch again) To see what I would like to incorporate in my room.  I found this website helpful in this research:

My 2nd step was to paint the walls.  I used an acrylic paint.  I used white with 2 drops of green and one blue.  Mixed well until I was happy with the color.  I painted the floor brown.  All of my brush strokes make the floor look like wood flooring with out me even trying.  I allowed this to dry overnight and got started on my furniture. 

Bella's BED.  Materials
3 loose brown coils
1 loose brown coil smaller than the 3 above.
8 small brown tight coils
White Elmer's Glue
Here is a site to learn to quill it is really easy...

Using 2 of the loose brown coils make a square.  Glue the 2 squares on top of each other to form a mattress set.  Allow to dry

Form the last loose brown coil into a Half moon or Gumdrop shape.  Glue the headboard on. 
Repeat this process for the foot board. 

Using the tight curls form decorative shapes for the head board.  Allow to dry

I printed off a pattern of Bella's bedding....and formed it over the bed and glued it down.  to make the pillow I just folded the same pattern up and sealed everything with crystal lacquer. 

Bella's Mirror was the only thing I had a hard time with.  I used sead beads and Just glued them decortively and used foil to make it look like a mirror.  The base of the mirror is a a quilled oblong oval.  That is what I glued the beads to. 

Bella's Side Table.  This is very very small....On Bella's original table she had a lamp, a painted photo of a dog, and a tissue box...  The white bead represents the tissue box and the lamp was made with quilling.  The legs of the table is just a strip of quilling paper cut down.....and the table top is a square.
Bella's Dresser.  To make the dresser I just pilled 4 squares on top of each other.  It makes it look like you can pull the drawers out.  The knobs of the drawers are clear sead beads.  The lamp was quilled.  In photos I saw a mirror, candles, and lamp on her dresser.  It was hard to do this small.  In the finished product you will see I added a photo of Bella and Edward.  The legs of the dresser are tight circles.  the dresser is sitting on a nickle just to give you an idea of how small it is. 

Bella's Desk.  Oops my glue didn't dry before I snapped a photo....The glue doesn't at all show on the original.  NOW all you Twihards.  Don't give me grief....I didn't get all the stuff on the desk...It was just tooo small.  Again quilled the desk...Top of the desk is a rectangle.  I made a cactus using a tight coil and glued green glass sead beads to make the cactus.  the computer is just a piece of black paper folded in half.  The screen is a Black and white photo of Romeo and Juliet form the movie...(it is hard to tell).  I used a white pencil to draw lines to look like a keyboard.  I stacked 2 white sead beads on top of each other to form a lamp.  I also made a chair.  It is not is super small.....

Bulletin Board.  To make the bulletin board I used a piece of scrapbooking paper that looked like cork.  I then used double sided tape to attach it to the wall.  I printed a Muse poster, a photo of Bella and Edward, a photo of Bella's truck, Paramore poster and the cover of Withering Heights...When you print things this small it is really hard to see it....I had to trash lots of tries for that reason.  I can always add more later. 

Finding the art for Bella's walls was really hard.  On this nickle you will find a lion needle point, Japanese tissue art, a photo of a magnolia....All found above Bella's bed.  once I printed them out...I added crystal lacquer to seal and protect them.  the oval is a wolf photo of wolfs howling at the moon.  For the orange paper laten I used a orange glass bead attached to a twisted piece of tissue paper.  The twisted tissue is also how I made the lights that drape around Bella's room.  I used glass sead beads to look like lights.  I was hoping to find some dragonfly beads or charms but I couldn't find any small enough.  I chained a purple embroidery floss and made a scarf I hung form Bella's cork board.
The window was super easy I felt like I cheated.  I just printed out a window...and used crystal lacquer to seal it.   I made the curtains from white tissue paper.  I used blue water color and painted the white tissue.  I couldn't figure how to make the bamboo rings.  After everything was done I used crystal Lacquer and sealed everything. 
I enjoyed this project and I have 11 more boxes to fill.....I am still working out the details and trying to figure out how to do it....but I want to create the Volturi clock tower, Tent Scene from the outside....and Jacobs garage.  I am not sure if I want to quill everything or not.....any help or suggestions are welcome.  Again I don't want to just PRINT out things and glue.....I want to get crafty and challenge myself. 

see my volturi clock tower


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