Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NO SEW Kindle Cover

I am so excited.  I received a Kindle for my birthday.  I was so skeptical at first.  I am one of those folks who loves the smell of old book.  That being said I love my Kindle.  All it needs is a cover.  The possibility's are really endless.  I thought it would be neat to use a Tshirt transfer and really spice up your cover.  Just choose a cover that matches your personality and just embellish it as you wish.  I like to keep things simple.  I will make some different covers for a later time.  This pattern can be used for a ipad, nook, kobo or any other similar device.  I would love to see your covers.  If you use my pattern please email it to me at vampirecraftin at gmail. or post a link to your blog on your comments. Happy Craftin

Materials you will need:

*Old fabric type hardcover book.

*Iron on Velcro.

*1/2 yard of the fabric of your choice

*Heat bond ULTRA HOLD, Fabric glue


I started with a old fabric book I found at my local goodwill. The price is $3 for 10 books. So I have plenty of different books to test this pattern out on later.  You must chose a fabric book.  It it the only way the Heat Bond will stick to the fabric. 

I then used a box cutter to cut out the pages of the book. This was the hardest part of the entire process. I was trying to leave most of the spine.

I then cut down a sheet of HEATBOND to the size of the book and heated the HB with an iron to adhere HB to the book. See the HB instructions for more info.  I hope that made sense. 

Ignore my ugly ironing board.  I use alot of HB and it can get messy so I have a Craftin cover and an Ironing cover, but lets face it....I don't do much "ironing"  LOL

Wrap the fabric around the book. So there will be no seams on the outside of the book. 
I folded over the edge of the fabric, and used and iron and heat bond to seal the seam.

I then folded one of edges inside and used a strip of HB to seal the seams. It is important to get the seam perfectly sealed.  This seems easy but you need to fold the fabric to create a seam and then Tuck the fabric in to create another seam.  SO THERE are 4 seams in this step. 

You can use fabric glue if you have it, but it can be done with HB. If you use fabric glue allow it to dry

Here is what it looks like laying flat. As you notice the right seam is not finished. The top photo is how it looks folded over. I then closed the right seam about 31/2 inches from the book seam

My seams are now fixed. Using a ruler I measured to the middle to make sure the Velcro was centered. I added fabric glue to the Velcro and made sure it would stick. But it is not necessary.  The iron on Velcro sticks really well on its own.  There are so many options for closures.  I used what I had on hand.  I thought it would be cool to glue a flower on the fold over so that the cover looks like a clasp purse.

Now I needed a mat for the Kindle I am going to attach some elastic strips to hold it in place. I started with a fabric square with a .5 inch seam to fold over. I used HB to seal the seams all the way around. I then took the square of HB and attached it to the completed square.

I folded plain white elastic under the square and ironed it down. I used some fabric glue as well to ensure a very there would be no way this elastic would move. I allowed it to dry and then tugged on it several times and it held no problem. ALLOW EVERYTHING TO DRY IF YOU USE Fabric glue.

The most important thing to remember about this pattern is....SEAMS  get those seems down with heat bond.  It was pretty easy took me a little over 45 minutes and that included some planning and photographing my steps. 

The book was an old encyclopedia of lizards and bugs I plan on using the pages in future projects.  I love to craft creepy crawling things.  And just the words can be neat as a background.  Just a thought when you are selecting your book.
Here it is all done.  Now I can get started reading The Host which I purchased the other day on Amazon.  I loved Twilight so much I wanted to see what journey Stephanie could take me on NOW. 




  1. Oh this is great! My friend adores her Kindle and she would love a special-made cover! :D

  2. This is awesome!!! I am going to have to make one tonight! First time on this site made the tulle flower but with pink and purple tulle, You are awesome at the crafts you do!