Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Handmade Halloween Candy Corn Card

*Handmade Halloween Candy Corn Card...That is a mouth full.

I have tons of Sead beads.  Ones I have purchased and some that were given to me.  I have found a fun and easy way to add them to my crafts.  On this card I added a Beaded Candy Corn.  

The Materials you will need is
*Blackcard stock Size of the card is 4.25 x 5
*Paper ( I use cardstock)  
*seed beads 
*Scrap white card stock. 

It is really easy to make this.  You will need a small scrap of card stock on this one I used White...
-Thread a Needle (Thin needle that a seed bead will fit on) with thread.  I used a thick thread.
-Tie a knot in the end of your thread.  Push your needle through the bottom of the card....and pull threw until the knot in back stops.  
-I put 10 orange beads on the needle and pulled them down the needle to the card.  Tighten them and then poke the needle back at then end of the card.  You should have a line of orange.  
-Next line 9 orange beads.
-Next line 8 orange beads. 
-Next line 5 yellow beads
-Next line 4 yellow beads.
-Next line 3 yellow beads.
-Next line 2 White beads.
-Next line 1 white bead.  When you are done tie a tight knot in the back.

Seed Beads are not always the same exact size.  Use your common sense to decide how many beads go on each line...
Here are some photos to help.

I want to see your finished products if you use this pattern.  If you want more patterns join my blog many more one of a kind designs coming.  If you can't wait look for safety pin crafts....They have some neat designs.  Post your photos in the Vampire Craftin Flicker group.  Or post a link to your project on your blog in the comments below.  Happy Craftin!


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