Saturday, October 23, 2010

Poodle Skirt Instructions

This year for Halloween I decided to make a costume for my daughter.  A poodle skirt seemed to be an easy thing to do.

I found lots of instructions online but of course a dear friend told me a much easier way.  See my other post for a Twilight Poodle Skirt for images...

*You will need Felt.  This skirt is for my 3 year old and 1 yard was enough to make 2 skirts and have some left over.
*You will also need a wide elastic for the waist band....I used a 3 inch black
*items for a poodle.  I made my own, but they sell them already done for really cheap.

1.  I put the elastic around my little girls waist to see what would work best......
2.  I then took string and measured from her waist to the length I wanted.
3.  I then folded the felt....on a  diagonal so I had a triangle.  SOOO I took the top left corner and pulled it    down to the bottom right corner.
4.  I then took a piece of chalk and attached it to the end of the string.....and attached the other end on the center of the FOLD.....I made a circle....To form the skirt
5.  I then trimmed out the skirt....
6.  To make the waist I folded the skirt it was a smaller triangle and cut a small circle....
7.  I used pins to attach the waist ban and sewed it together.  It was super easy.

It was my choice to make my own poodle.  I trimmed the poodle body out of black felt.  I then stitched it down.  I also cut the poodle puffs out of white, and also stitched that down......and I TACKED ribbon down with stitches and attached rhinestones.

As for adding a can can underneath.  I puffs really well on its own....but we have last years costume we have grown out of and it is a puffy dress so if we decided we need it to be puffy.....we will cut the underskirt of that one out and add it to this one.  If you didn't have an old dress available you can always cut one out of a dress from a goodwill or garage sale.  It wouldn't need to be a pretty dress...

I have more detailed pictures on my next post.  I made 2 skirts.  I will post the other in another post.

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