Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Haven & Other SyFy shows

The Syfy channel is sometimes a huge joke.
Come On.           Sharkopus Really, but I have to say the TV Series are getting better and better.  I like Eurkea, Warehouse 13, and after 1 full season I love HAVEN.  If it gets cancelled I would be really disappointed.  It is well written and I want to see more.  It is based on a book by Steven King.......NUFF SAID.

Syfy is allowing you to watch the First 5 Episodes online.  Here is to hoping they don't cancel it.  If they don't I promise to make some  "Troubled" crafts.  For Season 2.  No clear word yet.  But it is the best I have seen from Syfy and awhile, and I consider myself a sci-fi nerd.

Let me know what you think about the show.  I also want to see your Haven crafts do you have any?  Post them in a link in comments or on our FLICKER PAGE

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