Thursday, March 8, 2012

Iris Paper Folding Four Leaf Clover

A wonderful way to make an inexpensive handmade card, is to use iris paper folding.  There is an awesome website you can visit for this pattern and may more.  You can always add your own spin to the craft.  This is one of these designs that go all 1980ish???

Here is the webiste.

I printed out the design and traced it on a blank card.  I then printed a pattern just a half of inch bigger and made my own boarder.  I quilled some little establishments around the card...and adding some doodle designs, as well as some chalking around the edges.  I would love to see your designs.  I know this can go gothic with the right paper and pattern.  You can use a circut machine and make anything you want...I could kick myself for not taking photos of past projects.  I would love to see yours? Pin It

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  1. This is great. I'm going to go visit the site. Great card!