Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quilled Four Leaf Clover

I love to quill.  I have quilled many times to make emblishments on my pages and cards that I couldn't find in the store.  It is the most inexpensive way to add an emblishement to any papercraft.   It looks like the technique is making a come back.  I was just playing around with some scraps and I wanted to share a how to make a Four Leaf Clover for any upcoming Scrapbooking, papercrafts or Card crafts you have.  Super easy...

Strips of green paper measuring 1/8 inch.  (you can cut your own or if you want to purchase quilling paper)
Elmers or school glue

***There are lots of inexpensive quilling tools and accessories but it is not necessary

1.  Cut 5 strips of paper I cut the paper to 2inches.
1.  Using your fingers or a quilling tool to turn the ends of the quilling paper.  I folded the strips in half and the turned in the ends....Then glued the ends together to make a heart.  On 1 strip just curl the end for your stem.
3.  Put them all together to make a four leaf clover and allow them to dry.  Regular school glue to attach your design to your card, scrapbook, or papercraft.

Note cut 1 inch strips and let kids make a big 4 leaf clover for a fun craft.

That is all...

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  1. LOVE this.. I'm going to give it a try for sure