Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sock Monkey Baby Blanket

I hope you don't mind me taking a step away from the vampire crafts to share with you the blanket I made for my upcoming arrival of my baby boy.  I am not really into the cutesy nursery patterns and blankets that are out there.  The only thing I could think of that would be my style would be Sock monkeys, or some geometric patterns.  I took lots of time to consider.  I purchased this sock monkey fleece material at Hobby Lobby.  I looked into different finishes and decided it might be fun to crochet the edges.  I did lots of research and I came up with a way to do something that would work for me.  You could really go crazy and vamp or goth this project out.  So take my idea an feel free to vamp it.  If you can find some damask black and white, or red and black material that would be so awesome.  At halloween it would be fun to see what you could find.

Materials Needed.
Fleece Material of you choice and size of your choice.
Scissors, or I used my Cropadile.
Yarn of your choice....I used a fluffy soft yarn.  I wouldn't go with the cheap stuff...becuase some of the colors run and it would ruin your fleece.

1.  Cut The fabric to the size of your choice.  You have the option to double the fabric or to just go with the fleece without a backing.  I didn't back my fleece because I live in Texas and it gets I made the choice to just use the fleece by itself.

2.  I then marked every one inch with a sharpie marker all around the blanket.  I then used my crop-a-dile to punch the holes out.  It worked perfectly.  I purchased a perforation blade for my rotary cutter and it DIDN'T WORK, I was so frustrated and returned it.  I made 2 blankets.  One for the baby bed and a smaller blanket for the car seat.

3.  I then began to crochet.  I began right in the middle on the side of the blanket.  I did a triple stitch in each hole, 3 times, Chained 2 and then went to the next hole.  On the corners I added 3 triple stitches, chained 2, and did 3 more triple stitches to make my corners.  Think of it as putting a row on a granny square.  Here is a great tutorial if you need an idea.  You can go around the blanket as much as you want.  I went around one time for the large blanket and 2 times for my car seat blanket.  I only use 2 things (whatever they are called) of yarn.

This was super, super easy.   It took me just a few hours.  It was inexpensive costing under $20 and it looks and feels so nice.  I am addicted.

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  1. Aww I just love the whole monkey theme for the little ones.. Very nice!