Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thin Mint Easy Cookie Truffles

Every time I see girl scouts selling cookies in front of my local supermarket......  I can't help but think of  the scene from the Adams Family....You know the one.  Just in case here is the clip

Next thought
Chocolate and Mint are so yummy together.  mmm Thin Mints.

Here my Truffles.  They Ain't Pretty, but they are YUMMY...Really rich you can only eat a few.  Great for Valentines Day.  

You will need the following for this recipe:
8ozs of Cream Cheese (a block)
2 boxes of thin mint cookies (or cookies of your choice.  
Melting Chocolate.  
I was able to make 30 truffles.  

You will also need a wax paper to put the truffles on to dry....and a food processor if you have one.

1.  Place all the cookies in the food processor and turn them into DIRT.  If you don't have a food processer put your cookies in a ziplock bag and pound them until done.  A rolloing pin is awesome for this job.  

*****NOTE you can use any cookie, oreos (not double stuff), We tried Nutter butters because chocolate and peanut butter is yummy, peanut butter cookies (hard not soft), Ginger Snaps (Awesome and white chocolate on the outside), chocolate chip (hard not soft).  To Vamp it up.  Bake your own dyed RED sugar cookies.  Check your local grocery store See if the bakery has some premade.... Bloody Good.  

2.  Add the block of cream cheese into the food processor with your cookies.  I cut the cube into 4ths.  Process them all together until you mixture becomes a dough.  My image is half way done.  I was a bit worried but it works..It turns into a dough ball.  You should not see any white from the cream cheese.  If you don't have a food processor you can use a fork to blend it all together.  It is some work but it works. 

4.  I then pulled small pieces of dough out and rolled them into little balls.  They are about the size of  a quarter.  

5.  I have never melted chocolate using a double boiler method.  I used a glass Pyrex bowl and a sauce pan.  It melted really well.  

6.  I dropped the truffles in the pot one at a time.  I rolled the truffles until coated, using 2 plastic forks to maneuver the truffle around.  I then placed the the truffles on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper to dry.  No cooking needed.  

You can use any type of cookies...check these blogs out.  
NOTE use Cherry cordial kisses for VAMPIRE Truffle.  

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