Sunday, February 13, 2011

Altered Gum Package

This is an awesome craft to make something out of an item you would normally put in the trash.
You will need the following for this project:
*Old gum package (the snap out gum)
*Cardstock (ribbon and accessories).
*Rubber cement

1.  Peel all of the foil off of the back of the gum packages.  Make sure the little holder areas are smoothed out.  I used a pencil eraser to do this.

2.  Unfold the gum packages for a pattern

3.  Fill the gum packages with whatever you like.  I have seen them filled with those little message hearts.  I filled mine with little quotes and sayings.  I typed them printed them out, cut them out and folded the messages inside.

To do this... gently paint the edges of the gum package with rubber cement.  The place foil on the back of it.  I then trimmed the foil out around the package.  THE IDEA IS TO PUNCH OUT QUOTES.

That is really it.  It is very easy.  Be careful with the rubber don't want to glue the paper in the compartments.

For your covers use the gum packages to trace a pattern on cardstock.  The score and fold the package.  I used rubber cement to close it...and miny clothes pins to hold it until it was dry. (I have not idea what to do with these miny pins)  I am glad I finally found something to do with them.
This one is full of Twilight Qutoes
This one has Jacob quotes from the book and the movie.  
This would be for your man.  If I have to explain what the messages you would put  in this on...
You must be to young to know
I think this one would be lovely for a wedding.  Used a giant oval rhinestone.  It could be filled with reasons the bride in groom love each other.  Or love quotes from history.  DREAMS of the future.  
This was quote from Bella.  
More quotes to inspire a Twihard who is having a bad day.

Fill this one with reasons why you love someone.  A friend, or boyfriend.  


  1. What a super clever idea and great recycling! I love it. Thanks for letting us know how to make them!!

  2. I love these!!! You did a great job...thanks for sharing
    your newest follower

  3. I posted about this project already but I wanted to say I LOVE this!! I gave you a Liebster Blog Award! Come pick it up on my blog..

  4. I absolutely love this idea! I stumbled across this at perfect timing!