Friday, February 11, 2011

Ode to my Coffee Cup. Writing Exercise #1

I am trying to improve my Writing skills.  Exercise #1 is to pick and object that you use every day.  Make a list of 20 things about that object.  Keep in mind the following questions:
What Is it?
What Can be done with it?

After thinking of at least 20 questions (and answers), write at least one paragraph about the object.

Here is my paragraph.  Feel free to critique me, that is how I will improve.
Join me in this writing exercise.  I want to check out your post.  Post a link to your blog below this post in the comment section.
Don't forget to include a photo of your object.

Many would see you as a drink vessel, but I see you as so much more.  In the morning I need you to hold the glorious java nectar that keeps me going throughout the day.  You are there for me every morning, with the understanding that as long I care for you will care for me.  You take me as I am, and it doesn’t matter that I have not yet showered, brushed my hair, or my teeth.   You are there for me in good times and bad.  You don't care how much money I make, or ask for money I don't have.   I can count on you to always be just where I left you.  You serve an important purpose; thank you for your service.  May we be together for many years to come.  

By Stacy from Vampire Craftin (so don't still my shit, bitches)


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