Friday, September 16, 2011

Vampire Diaries 2011 Premiere

Last night was the Premier of Vampire Diaries.  I was so excited I didn't have to wait that long after the season finallie of True Blood. (my favs) So waiting didn't suck

I have never been accused of being a PRUDE but last nights episode of Vampire Diaries I was really missing Jenna.  I was a bit disturbed with Matt and Jeremy smoking Weed, but so happy they didn't drive.  The level of alcohol at Elenas party was also just a bit disturbing.....AM I getting old?  These kids are still in high school and underage.  BUT for some reason I was okay with the level of blood and death, and sex.  Go figure, I am weird... I am a mom of a teen.  Luckily he is a boy and doesn't really watch much TV.  I had to say it ...don't get mad..

I am completely okay with it in Trueblood... because it is on HBO.  And all of the charaticres are of "legal" age.   When they mess up...Oh well.

I was thinking about Buffy and she drank a few times IN COLLEGE...they had a few parties with cups...but they never really said what was in the cups.  Vampire Diaries is the only Teen Show I watch.  How are all of the rest.

I really love the wolf/vampire love between Caroline and Tyler.  That is my favorite story line on the show so far.  They both deserve to be happy but....what is going to happen.?????  Can't wait to find out.


  1. Hi, it's Kel. My daughter and I watched it too. I'm not a fan of the wolf/vamp thing, but it will be interesting to see what happens. I liked Jenna too... sooo sad! Did you get hooked on Teen wolf yet??