Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blood Bags.

Halloween is just around the corner...and with back to school over many stores are putting out thier Halloween items.  I love Halloween!  Not as much the cutesy stuff but all of the other things...

I saw the blood bag for 96 cents at my local drug store.  Pretty fangtastic  Not sure I would eat it??
This blood bag would be great for a party favor or decoration.  You can put a label over it.  So if you you were having a Trueblood Party you could make labels for trueblood....Vampire Diaries....Being Human...You get the idea.

You will need to purchase Create a label full sheet labels from Avery.  Then Print measure the size of the bag Label.  Design a personalized label...trim it out and put that baby over the current label.

Really easy and fun.



  1. that candy?!?! Would love to use as decor or prop for Hallowen party but to eat...Ummm. I don't know. TFS

  2. Hi, It's Kel from Crafty Twilight Mom. This is cute. I've seen them. I told my daughter to have a Twilight or True Blood party! Of COURSE for the pure fact that I'd like to decorate for it.. LOL.

  3. They are delicious I bought a ton and passed them out for halloween talk about sugar rush :)