Sunday, December 4, 2011

My 2011 Christmas Tree

My Favorite thing about Christmas is Setting up the Tree.  I like it so much you can find about 6 trees in my home.  (I have been so busy I only have 3 right now) My main tree is a 10ft tall tree I have had for over 7 years.  It is not prelit.  Every Christmas I spend hours wraping every single branch will a set of lights.  I am always asked if I can give tips on Tree decorating and I giggle....I am not a professional but I have perfected my methods over the year so I will share.  I would love to have a Twilight Tree but my husband put his foot down and said no way.  If you think about it I have a gold and amber tree....just like Edward's eyes.

I don't like this one is as much but you can see how it all has come together.  
The glow from the lights makes the lights so pretty.  

My first step is to set up my tree...I then add the lights wrapping each branch with the lights...I then add some twigs in the tree all over the tree.
Here are what the twiggs look like.  I tape them up when I store them...I get mine at Micheal's I use a coupon for 40% off and I get them for under $1.99 a bundle.  With my 10 ft tree I need about 2 bundles.   

My next step is to add my garland...I use a mesh ribbon that works perfect.  I was able to pick it up on clearance for $2 for ??/about 6 yards.  If I have some holes I add some gold poinsettias here and there just to fill in some spots.  I found the poinsettias after Christmas for about 75% off.   
I then add the ornaments.  All of my ornaments are shatterproof and extremely cheap.  I have purchased them after Christmas sales for no more than $3(for 6 to 12).  I have lots and lots.  I have a cat and 2 kids so I lose a few every year....

Now by this time my tree is really coming together.  I also add some gold ice cycles I found at the $1 store a few years ago and they have held up really well.  You can spray paint these if you want a different color.

I hope I have helped someone.  My tree ornaments didn't cost over $30.  My tree and lights were given to me...  My tree skirt was about $20.  You don't have to have alot of money to have a great tree.  If you use any of my techniques....I would love to see your tree...Please post a comment or send me a message...

 Before you know it.....the cat was in the tree...
I think it was the best decoration of all


  1. Fantastic tree!! I love the gold. I can't do a Twilight tree either, but I will come close.. lol. I will send pictures when I get it all up and done this week.