Friday, January 14, 2011

Matchbook Ghirardelli Chocolate Paper-Craft

I am not a BIG fan of Valentines Day.  It is all kind of cheesy to me.

I do love Chocolate.  Ghirardelli chocolate is my favorite.  I think is so sweet when my friends hand make gifts for me but the fun thing about this craft is it can be easily modified for any occasion.  Ghirardelli has so many different chocolates...You can have so much fun playing with the names and your occasion.  This is an awesome idea for your kids class, a group of friends, or as party favors.

Supplies you will need:
Scrapbook paper
Stapler (or I used a brad to hold it in place)
glue stick or adhesive of your choice.
Ghirardelli Chocolate squares.  (Raspberry filled is awesome for Vampire Theme)

Here is the pattern  I did everything but the inside piece.  I figured most folks are going to put it in the trash...and the Ghirardelli square is pretty firm.  It looks good without the inside piece.

I want to see your projects...Post them in our flicker group or as a link in the comment section.

There are lots of diffrent crafts out there.  Here are a few I considered. This was cool but I didn't have the punches needed. this one is cool but more traditional than I wanted.

I was exhausted looking at all of the patterns.  If you see any....send them my way...

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