Thursday, February 7, 2013

100th day of School

 Today was my daughters 100th day of school.  Her project was to count 100 items out and bring them to school.  Many kids counting out cheerios or fruit cereal and glue them on poster board.

I couldn't believe I found 100 buttons and I had plenty left to make more if I wanted...I then sewed them on a plain shirt.  My daughter counted the buttons. I used embroidery floss instead of thread to make sure the button held on.  She wore a undershirt so the knots on the shirt didn't bother her.


  1. totally awesome shirt. WOW that' A LOT of sewing wow!

  2. You know, I'm kind of frustrated with the amount of things schools expect us to craft with/for our kids! I'm glad you could do this. With 3 kids in elementary, I"m sort of overwhelmed by all the make this, make that requests. I have a little guy who needs to be dressed in a cat costume for the school play tomorrow and I had five days notice - I'm a working mom and a business owner!!

    So glad you had 100 buttons around, that could have been overwhelming to go run out and buy!