Thursday, June 28, 2012


While at my local Micheal's store I saw an advertisement for a new show that would be premiering on TLC.  CRAFT WARS.  I don't watch reality TV shows but this one seems right up my alley.

The show is hosted and executive produced by, Tori Spelling and sponsored by Michaels, the show pits crafters against each other, challenging them to use an assortment of supplies to make unique, crafts. Contestants will be able to use Themed materials and just about any crafting supply imaginable of from the Michael's Craft Closet.  Contests also get a craft helper (from home) for the POP challenge and Craft WARS provides craft helpers for the final challenge.

The first episode was called , “Summer School”.  I loved the format the contestants were given the 2 challenges the Pop Craft Challenge was to create a fashion-forward duffle bag out of sports equipment, and one hour to complete the challenge.    
As far as the crafts that were produced from the provided materials all of the bags FAILED in my eyes.

This first bag was the one that was eliminated.  
This bag sucked  the bottom was made out of a tennis racket...
she hot glued it to the bottom., and it was not at all functional
and the T on the front looks like S#*T.  I wouldn't carry this bag...

UGLY HOT MESS  The only thing I like about this bag is the balls.
Holes were drilled in the base balls, with a wiffle ball in the middle

WINNER this was the winning bag.  The bag was unfinished but
I think it was the most functional of all of the bags
.I loved the leather corners made from footballs.
The straps were made from a karate belt.

One of the contestants was eliminated. Then, the final two must impress the judges in their crafting challenge of a lifetime, The Master Craft, where they must create a playhouse out of school supplies. 

This was a HOT MESS...It was supposed to look like a School BUS
and she Modged Podged FABRIC outside and inside the house and it
was UGLY.   But it was fun to watch the challenged be completed.  
This was the winning design and it was very cute...She made the window boxes out of pincils
The shutters out or Rulers.  It was cute and it was fun to watch 
I was impressed with the and I think the best crafter won... 

I plan on staying GLUED to the show and hopefully get some great ideas from the show...
WHERE DO I SIGN UP as a contestant?  


  1. I was going to watch this but never did. I'lll have to catch it one of these times

  2. I watched it once. Tori Spelling frightens me!