Sunday, February 26, 2012

Quilt for the Cat

I have been avoiding it....but I can't deny it any longer.  I am turning in to one of those crazy cat ladies.  My family and I love our cat Suza (my 2 year old named her)  She had to be the ugliest kitten at the Shelter, and now she is gorgeous but I might be bias.  The white fur under her neck is super soft.  But  she seemed to be the sweetest during our visits to the shelter.  We made 2 visits just to make sure.  The shelter I went to had a bonding room where you can sit with potential pets.  Suza LOVES everyone in the house giving us equal love.  However she loves my daughter who is now almost 5 the most.  She sleeps at the foot of her bed every night...and she was so excited when my daughter moved out of the toddler bed.  She loves to lay on a window seat near a window.  We don't have a cushion on the bench because it tends to get full of cat hair.  I have put a towel on the bench but it looks funny.  I have also purchased a CAT BED from pet stores but she never really likes them.  I think she can smell that they are from china. LOL.

SO on to the quilt.  My favorite spot in my craft store is the fabric remnant bin.  I have found some of the best deals.

I found this cat fabric for .70 cents for just a little shy of a yard.
I then found the weird teal green from the back for $1.30

I took both fabrics cutting the teal green down to the size of the cat fabric, sandwiching some batting I had left over in the middle.  I pined the edges and a few pins in the middle and just sewed the quilt inside out.  So when i turned it to the correct side you could not see a seam.
I left about a 12 inch opening on one side of the quilt so that I could turn the quilt inside out.  I then fold the edges inside and made a hidden stitch, or invisible stitch. If you have any questions please ask...
The quilt was just a bit shy of 1 yard by 1 yard.

And here she is I put her quilt in the window she has a quilt of her own that can be washed... Pin It


  1. awwww what a beauty of a cat. I have two myself. Funny because one stays in my son's room and the other in my daughters. What about momma and daddy kitty lovin? LOL. I love the idea of the quilt and the pattern is too cute.

  2. what a cute cat :-D

    and of course every person and cat loves handmade things more than premade things from china XD