Saturday, November 26, 2011

V-Moda Headphones.

The crafts are on the way...The fabric in the background will be used for a fangtastic craft you will love.  Featuring BILL.  But until then I wanted to show you what I got today....My V-Moda V-80 True blood head phones.  The are soooo awesome.  so much better than the photos.  

 The box itself is one you will hang on to.  Who would put this in the recycling bin?
 Even the back is Cool
This is the headphones on my 4 year old.  I did this to show you that they are not the HUGE headphones but just the right size.  They are pretty sexy...what do you think?  You must give a listen to music on these headphones.  It is like your ears on "V"  If you would like a pair  Visit there website here.  When you go to check out enter the coupon code VAMPIRECRAFT for 20% off.

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  1. These are super cool! I will have to go check them out at their site. Ya, I'd have to keep the box too.. LOL